Kindness is... anything that lifts another person. —C. Neil Strait
“Kindness is... anything that lifts another person.”

C. Neil Strait Author

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Terry from Idaho Falls SEPTEMBER 16, 2017
When I go out shopping I don't like to go if I'm in a hurry, I like to talk to strangers, compliment other's, get the whole wonderful people experience.

Gary from California AUGUST 27, 2017
A wonderful way to act today and everyday. Look for opportunities to lift another person up. It maybe something as simple and easy as a warm smile.

Carolyn from North Carolina (NC) AUGUST 19, 2017
Being kind can turn a negative mood into a positive mood and can change a person's life for good.

Diana from Vernon,Ct AUGUST 18, 2017
Or animal

Tara from Barnegat, NJ AUGUST 18, 2017
I always make sure I am kind, but it is important that people remember to lift each other. You never know, one day you may be in need of some kindness.

Michelle from VA AUGUST 18, 2017
You gotta love it!

Cindy from Florida AUGUST 17, 2017
Sometimes a simple compliment to a STRANGER (I like your blouse, cool shoes, your hair looks really nice) can make someones day! You should see the reactions I get sometimes. It really lifts their heart :)

robert from va AUGUST 17, 2017
very true words

Jean from Pa. AUGUST 17, 2017
We all need kindness and we need to show kindness to everyone.

anon from calif AUGUST 17, 2017
Just a smile might be the best thing that happens that day for the other person.

Robert Sofarelli AUGUST 17, 2017
So true

Les from Texas AUGUST 17, 2017
The world needs so much more kindness and caring!

Karyn from VA AUGUST 17, 2017
We really need this now.

Andrea from Arizona AUGUST 17, 2017
You are doing a wonderful thing

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