You're amazing just the way you are. —Bruno Mars
“You're amazing just the way you are.”

Bruno Mars American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer

True Beauty
Pass It On®
Pass It On®

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Skyler from South Carolina OCTOBER 26, 2017
Omg I LOVE Bruno Mars!!!! This quote is amazing in so many different ways and it truly touched my heart, knowing it came from one of my Idols <3

Ruby from elizabeth ne APRIL 4, 2017
thank you for making this quote it really inspires me

Paige from Lokleys MARCH 24, 2017
This is so nice

Asseneth from PNG MARCH 15, 2017
Amazing and encouraging.

Okethwengu from Nebbi MARCH 15, 2017
This is the most amazing love quote

isaac from shiprock, NM MARCH 14, 2017
makes me appreciate the way I am for I've been quite a great person from the start of my life, and how I would want to help the world out

Susan from Chattanooga  MARCH 14, 2017
So very true. Celebrate yourself and remember to love yourself.

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