Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future. —Robert H. Schuller
“Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future.”

Robert H. Schuller PASTOR, AUTHOR

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Barani from Thirupure OCTOBER 23, 2021
Let your hopes shape your future.

lily from California MAY 13, 2020
I love it! HOPE is amazing thank for your help!!!

Joie Coad from Florida. APRIL 24, 2020
Great quote, I feel that this will really help others who are going through a bad time.

Wendy from South Dakota JANUARY 3, 2017
My future will include ever decreasing memory, yet hope is present every time I bring she comes to mind

Jose from Chicago DECEMBER 15, 2016
When aI read it, I immediately saw this: "Let the Hopes of your Heart, not the hurts of your Heart shape your future." Life teaches us that It's the condition of our hearts that moves us, or sits us on the curb with our head down! Kinda personal...this quote touched my heart! Love it!

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