Caring about the happiness of others, we find our own. —Plato
“Caring about the happiness of others, we find our own.”

Plato classical Greek philosopher, mathematician

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Sophie from Oregon OCTOBER 18, 2016

Michael from my swivel chair OCTOBER 5, 2016
very Profound!

gorret from kampala OCTOBER 5, 2016

Joe & Sue from Madre OCTOBER 4, 2016
something about serving others.... I have heard before. Fairly easy, right?

Deborah from MD OCTOBER 4, 2016
We are our brothers keeper!

Ed from Philadelphia, Pa OCTOBER 4, 2016
We would not have the violence in society if we all had this thought in mind.

Don from Idaho OCTOBER 4, 2016
Remember Plato?

Dianne from Colorado OCTOBER 4, 2016
We would have a better world if everyone lived this way!

Diana from Greer, SC OCTOBER 4, 2016
Great quote. This is a very unselfish way for us to live everyday.

George from Laredo,Texas OCTOBER 4, 2016
Beautiful and well said. Love to read them every morning.

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