Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision. —Sir Winston Churchill
“Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”

Sir Winston Churchill British statesman, prime minister, author, Nobel Prize winner

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Anonymous JANUARY 17, 2023
Thank you, very inspirational.

Patrick Mulligan from Lodi, CA, USA NOVEMBER 13, 2020
Fear is a self imposed prison cell, smelly, dark and consuming. Courage is the key that sets you free for everyone's benefit.

Sean from Indiana MAY 2, 2016
Worry never robs.tomorrow of its sorrows, it saps today of it joys.

Seema khan from Mumbai MAY 2, 2016
Very encouraging.

Sue from St. Louis, MO MAY 2, 2016
Still good advice.

Marianne from Woodstock, IL MAY 2, 2016
Fear leads to confusion, courage leads to peace. It takes courage to move forward in the face of fear.

John from Boise, ID MAY 2, 2016
Inspiration from a great man!

RJD from Valley of the Sun MAY 2, 2016
Thank you, Sir Churchill. Everything is a choice. Fear is a waste of your imagination. Chose to innovate!

Andrew from Castroville MAY 2, 2016
True, Phobia, which is fear is just what got infussed in us. Everyone has fear. And fear may rule our lives if we do not take care of it. This is when you have your conciense in your head, saying," Okay, dude, now we can overcome this fear if we stand up, and make the right decision and have the willpower to have courage in yourself, and fight it off like a man, and you will not have that problem." Wise Man.

ava from boston ma MAY 2, 2016
That is so true,we only react to fear......courage is something we discuss inside of us..........

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