The best way out is always through.  —Robert Frost
“The best way out is always through. ”

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Cloe from Australia  MAY 19, 2017
Such a true saying, and everyone should live by it

Lonnie from New York MAY 18, 2017
One of lifes tenets.

Annette from Idaho MAY 17, 2017
The storm is very rough at times but I have found that sometimes it is best to go through the storm rather than around it. It is often not the easiest path but the reward can be renewed strength and a brighter outlook.

Frank E. from Utah MAY 17, 2017
This quote definitely defines determination...determination to accomplish whatever good thing we decide to do.

RJ from Valley of the Sun MAY 17, 2017
This works for BEARS , it can happen Can't go over it! Can't go under it ! Can't go around it! Gotta go through it!

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