Don't count the days. Make the days count. —Muhammad Ali
“Don't count the days. Make the days count.”

Muhammad Ali Boxer

Right Choices
Pass It On®
Pass It On®

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justjorden33 MARCH 9, 2019
make today a adventure

Anna from Philippines AUGUST 19, 2017
Very well.

Kaleb from Austin, Texas MARCH 8, 2017
That is a good quote! Perfect quote of the day!

Elaine from Los Angeles SEPTEMBER 20, 2016
The Greatest, this is a great way to live the only way really....if we are to live well, even splendidly.

Cindy from Home JUNE 13, 2016
Amen Muhammad

Daly from Puerto Rico JUNE 9, 2016
live & enjoy everyday every moment of ur life ..

Dave from Gettysburg , pa JUNE 8, 2016
This is a great quote , one to live by

Lisa from Worcester, Massachusetts JUNE 7, 2016
A tenant died in my apartment building yesterday. I had just talked with her the day before. Her passing breathed new life into the idea "here today- gone tomorrow". Muhammad Ali's wise words seem poignant at this time of my life.

Jackie from Lancashire uk JUNE 7, 2016
Live the now

Rita from Blue Ridge, GA JUNE 7, 2016
Pretty simply philosophy. Live a purpose driven life and live in the moment!

Kim from Willingboro nj  JUNE 6, 2016
Wonderful way to live!

Ceasar from NY JUNE 6, 2016
Make your days useful

Savannah  JUNE 6, 2016
Love it!

Lydia from New Orleans JUNE 6, 2016
Very true we must make good use of what time were given to accomplish our goals

Atekam from Atlanta JUNE 6, 2016
So true. Wise words for those feeling lost.

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