Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. —Theodore Roosevelt
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

Theodore Roosevelt 26th U.S. President

Do Thy Best
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Pass It On®

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Anonymous JANUARY 19, 2022
Do what you can

Anonymous MARCH 10, 2020
Sooo INSPIRING!!! This is sooo goood!! *clap* *clap* "tears"

Anonymous MARCH 10, 2020
i love this quote

Hongde_Li from China SEPTEMBER 22, 2019
Do the best of yourself

SK from St francis bay AUGUST 27, 2017
Well said,.. you can make it on your own!

deb from Benton ark DECEMBER 14, 2016
this is so true

Zylix from Greenville, Alabama JUNE 21, 2016
Leave it to Teddy Roosevelt to say such a thing!!!

DEGBEGNI from Cotonou(BENIN) JUNE 9, 2016
It is true. Don.t wait having huge amount of money before living your life as you desire even with the minimum you have

Dianne k from Cleveland JUNE 4, 2016
And. Be thankful

Jonathan Sheklow from New York, NY JUNE 4, 2016

RJ from Valley of the Sun JUNE 3, 2016
a big fan of Teddy Roosevelt. I have always said: "It's not where you are; it's who and what you are!" I give Dennis Miller credit, as "This is just my opinion! I could be wrong!"

Mario from Los Angeles JUNE 3, 2016
An essential reminder from time to time.

Louise from Prince George B.C. JUNE 3, 2016
This is something I learned young and has helped me through life !

Anonymous JUNE 3, 2016
I like this.

Jim from Chicago JUNE 3, 2016
Make the most of everything....regardless.

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