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My hero is my grandfather, he has been a real inspiration to me and my brothers. He teaches valuable life lessons and pushes the envelope every day. As a retired orthopedic surgeon he has a lot of time on his hands and doesn't waste one second of it. At 73, he has a lot of life highlights. He's ran every Bloomsday race for 33 years so he started at age 40 when my dad was ten. At 53 he did the Iron Man triathlon, a grueling competition that some 20 year olds can't finish. Now he volunteers at Priest Lake, Idaho and just last year a young boy crashed his dirt bike on one of Priest Lake's infamous gravel roads. (You can imagine some infection there.) He got there in the nick of time and saved that young man's life. So as an 11 year old kid writing about my hero you can see from my writing that my grandfather really is my hero. Thank you for your time.

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