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As a child I saw my mother as anything but a hero, but when I became a parent I found out what a Hero truly is. I never realized that super powers could be wisdom, understanding, and patience when it comes to raising our children. It wasn't until my 21 year old daughter decided that my life style wasn't acceptable to her and wouldn't let me visit her or my first grandchild that I was told by my mom that I too had done similar acts of empowerment to help mentally emancipate myself from her. My mother explained to me how she saw past my intentions to hurt her, and how she made the easy decision to love me through the tough growing period of my life. This was an epiphany to me, how could I not see what my child needed, did my mom have x-ray vision too?! The answer was NO, there is no x-ray vision needed to see real love at work, you simply need to love someone more than you Love yourself. Understanding, acceptance, patience, and wisdom came to me as a calm gentle word from my mother that moved me to tears. My mother has flaws, like every human being and even every superhero, but the perfection of her love for me makes her my greatest Hero. Thank you Mom!

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