In my life there really has not been too many people that I have been able to look up to. However, there are two people who always meant the world to me, my grandfather and grandmother. Both were amazing human beings who cared more about others then they did about themselves. I never realized the magnitude of true love until I was old enough to see and understand the marriage my grandparents shared. I was plagued by the misfortunes of my parents failed marriage just like so many others who have suffered through bitter divorces but my grandparents marriage shed light on the darkness they gave me hope. My grandfather became very ill when I was young his health never really improving, just a series of false hopes. If it wasn't one thing it was something else and my grandmother spent every waking moment standing by his side; never once complaining. She spent 52 years with my grandfather loving and accepting who he was and the same for him accepting and loving my grandmother for who she was. To the both of them marriage was a gift and privilege not a right. There marriage wasn't easy but they never gave up even when things were tough. I could never imagine watching the person I love deteriorate but my grandmother never gave up. Even after my grandfather past she still makes sure his legacy lives on.
I remember watching the way my grandfather would look at my grandmother even 50 years down the line with such compassion, such understanding and such love. He looked at her like she was only person in the room. I always felt safe in their home; because I knew there was unconditional love in the walls of their home. Both of them are my heroes sometimes you don't have to do great things to make such an impact of some one's life. Sometimes a hero is someone who simply just does the right thing and in these times people need heroes like my grandparents because they are two people who gave each other the gift of unconditional love.

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Sandy G. from N.C. JULY 14, 2009
I loved your story! I loved both my grandparents and they made an impact on me too. There is always HOPE and I am thankful for the people that give it!!