Naomi D


My hero is a girl I know at work. She started there about 6 months ago after being out of work for over a year. She has some developmental and learning differences that make it hard for her to do math and cash registers, so she couldn't get hired in a lot of places, particularly in retail. But she's told me that everyday during that year with the exception of maybe 10 days, she was out looking for work, filling out applications.

Many times she would fill out applications in the same stores three to four times because when she went back to check with them they would say they had lost it, or when she interviewed with them they would say they had hired someone else, but she would go by the store again later that same week and see the 'help wanted' sign still in the window, so again, she would go in and fill out another application. Finally she was hired by our company, and she's one of the kindest, most compassionate girls I've ever met.

She never misses work, she's always helpful to the customers (they love her) and she tries to help her co-workers whenever they need her, though they don't always do the same for her. She may be different in the way she learns, but she is a HERO in the way she acts, trusts, and believes in herself and others. I'm proud to call her a friend.

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Julie N. from U.S.A. FEBRUARY 12, 2009
May she be blessed. She is an angel.

Australia FEBRUARY 5, 2009
This story is truly inspirational, this girl never let her difficulties get in the way and kept persisting. Awe inspiring, give her a big hug for me :)

K. D. from Accra FEBRUARY 4, 2009
Bless her. I wish her the very best.