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I have known Vicki for most of my life, approximately 10 years. She has become like a second mother to me over this time and is a mother of two and has been happily married for 20 years. She goes to my church and is the children/youth groups' director. Vicki is the director of marketing at an assisted living facility and touches the lives of not only her patients but her co-workers. She also has a great influence on our church members and her friends and family. Vicki was diagnosed with breast cancer about six years ago. She battled for about two years and overcame it and was in remission until June of 2005. She was then diagnosed with bone cancer, it has progressed for the worse. However, she is amazing. She is fighting it head on and going about her life as she ordinarily would. She is an inspiration to me due to her tenacity against this cancer and the compassion she continues to share for others, putting their needs above her own. Vicki has taught me that it's not how you live your life but how you can help others live theirs.

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Sami Y from McMinnville NOVEMBER 13, 2008
This is a true friend, it is so sweet.

Jennifer S. from Pheonix, Arizona SEPTEMBER 21, 2008
"Some people come in and out of your life but only true friends leave footprints in your heart." Some people forget that everyone has feelings and that everyone needs someone sometime. Your story makes me think of my best friend C.J., he is always there for me and sometimes that is all you need is to feel that someone is there for you. I'm so thankful for my best friend!

Minnie V. from Irvine, California USA FEBRUARY 29, 2008
Wow, I was so touch and moved by this story. There are many people out there that are so caught up in themselves that they don't even bother to acknowledge someone else's feelings. I have had many bad days in my life so I understand those feelings.

Mariagnee M. from California, USA FEBRUARY 22, 2008
Amazing. Plain & simple.

Isiaku G. from Nigeria DECEMBER 23, 2007
This story is really touching.

Reem H. from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia DECEMBER 3, 2007
It is very amazing and touching. We should all care for others no matter who they are.

Kirthishri M. from Bangalore, India NOVEMBER 28, 2007
What an awesome way of putting down feelings. You are splendid. I wonder how could you put your feelings in short but beautiful words. Thank you.

Fiona J. from Thailand NOVEMBER 25, 2007
Very touching. I love it.

Enrico from Jakarta, Indonesia NOVEMBER 13, 2007

Abegail C from Philippines NOVEMBER 7, 2007
That was a good story!

Anonymous OCTOBER 20, 2007
Oh my goodness that makes me think about the class clown at my school and I never thought of it like that!

William B. from lusaka, Zambia OCTOBER 18, 2007
This is a very inspiring story. Deeper reflection on it reveals that there is someone who understands us better than ourselves. Not even our parents or best friends would match this person...All the best

Irish Joy A. from Batangas, Philippines OCTOBER 12, 2007
short story but very inspiring!

Jay S. from India SEPTEMBER 22, 2007
That was sweet.Really sweet!

Brittany C. from New York, USA SEPTEMBER 20, 2007
Thank for the story it was very touching.

Mommy Rae from Philippines SEPTEMBER 15, 2007
This story isso inspiring...I was so touched.

Wendy V. from Durban, South Africa SEPTEMBER 5, 2007
WOW, how beautiful is that! Your stranger sounds very much like an angel that appeared out of no where.

Chris A. from Philippines SEPTEMBER 5, 2007
The one thing that I found that people need is to be heard. Listening is a good way to realize that someone cares for us. Henceforth we don't have to worry for we have a true friend that will love and care for us and never forsake us.

Fonda A. from Karratha, Australia AUGUST 18, 2007
I was bought to tears with your story. I too was the clown that everyone loved but did not understand. I have been lucky in life with wonderful friends and family.

Meya I. from USA AUGUST 18, 2007
Your story made me cry.

Babbu G. from India AUGUST 12, 2007
I am deeply moved, I saw myself in your story. I have taken on just being myself...friendly and compassionate. Thanks for making a difference.

ratul. from Bangladesh JULY 27, 2007
Thanks for the beautiful story.

erin babisaba from masindi-uganda JULY 23, 2007
Actually to me my friend is all that matters, i have seen relatives throwing us out of their way cos they have got enough of it all, but friends will take good to ask you is there any problem, please tell me i will give a hand. Friendship bring happy faces to me.

Benchie K. from Kenya JULY 21, 2007
Something terrible happened to me a few days ago, I lost a dear one in road traffic accident. Ever since I can't cry though I want to. Everybody thinks am strong but I wish someone could make me cry...

hazel c from trinidad JULY 19, 2007
That was a great story and very touching. Everyone deserves to be treated equally and given the attention they needs.

Naveen Gupta from India JULY 18, 2007
It touched my soul..

Aisa Estologa from Mozambique, Africa JULY 12, 2007
i like your's awesome, yes i believe the sayings that "no man is an island". All of us here in this world need to talk with to express our feelings and need an advice or guidance

pratima kaur JULY 11, 2007
Good times makes friends, bad times test them.

SM from Trinidad JUNE 16, 2007
Thanks, I feel that way sometimes. I am glad I am not alone.

jazz j. from phil. JUNE 14, 2007
thanks for that story, thanks to my dear friend who stays beside me always...Cherry

Anonymous JUNE 14, 2007
Dear Linda, If you see this message, here is a shoulder from afar. Hang in there! :-)

Linda N from Cameroon JUNE 14, 2007
Your story is so heart touching and I picture myself in your shoes. I have been having one of those blue days since yesterday and would love to have a shoulder to cry on this very moment.

Lloyd M from Zambia JUNE 9, 2007
I feel like you were inside me when writing this poem. At least I have come to realise the importance of having friends. And I think you are close to many people through your work. Continue touching the many hearts in need of a friend. Chao!

Pooja G from India JUNE 5, 2007
Thanks for the beautiful story!!!!

Gillian from Kenya JUNE 5, 2007
All I can say is that you have touched the core of my soul.

Judy H JUNE 4, 2007
I too have been the clown all my life and it is true people forget that we too have feelings. I don't let people see who I am really am, just the funny lady that makes people laugh. The story touched my heart.

Anushka R from Trinidad and Tobago MAY 24, 2007
isn't it amazing how sometimes it is the little things that makes us cry and touches our soul.

Lucia O from Ogun State, nigeria MAY 20, 2007
I really like your story because I am going through a challenging time too and it's such a weight lifter to have a friend hold my hand through it all.

claudia from nairobi,kenya MAY 17, 2007
Everybody on this earth needs a person they can talk to and express their feelings to, and it truly is a good feeling when someone cares for you. This story has reminded me that the people of whom I take for granted are the people who really care for me. I was blinded by friends who only took advantage of me and I abandoned those who truly loved me. Thank you for opening my eyes.

tranqui from philippines MAY 14, 2007
well, thanks you've inspired me to hang on and be true to myself...and never hide my true feelings...because I too...used to entertain my friends with good humor...and still now i wonder if they understand my feelings...

shreya t from india MAY 13, 2007
I am in tears myself. It's a heart touching story.

Cheche G from Nairobi MAY 7, 2007
That's a really good story! At some point in life we all come to a situation where you feel like nobody cares at all but in the end a friend who seeems to care comes our way.

susan h from somerville, ma. MAY 5, 2007
The best thing I found was people need to be heard. Just listening to someone helps that person because they're really wanting to feel like someone cares.

Ruby R from Vic, Australia MAY 1, 2007
Such a beautiful story, well told. Thanks.

Fernandes from Pakistan APRIL 28, 2007
Friends are like jewels, someone who is always there for you through thick and thin...and yet many people don't realize the value of it. We all need that jewel of a person in our lives...not many people understand what they are missing on...the meaning of friends and its importance...thanks for sharing such a touching story, we all need reminders once in a while the importance of a caring friend.

Kashif Janjua from Pakistan APRIL 27, 2007
Actually...! I think it's totally about me. I really miss my good friend. She is now in situation of Coma. Very well told story with few words.

Anonymous APRIL 26, 2007
Awesome! I really liked your experience(s) because, to be very honest, I also went through. Cheers!

jennifer m. from philippines APRIL 26, 2007
it amazed me!

Hael V. from Philippines APRIL 18, 2007
I'm also a class clown myself. I used to enjoy it, but then I realized that when I continue to allow them to make fun of me they will lose respect. I stood on my own and I stopped being a funny for a while and I let them realize that I also have feelings.

maddie s from oregon APRIL 15, 2007
wow, i love how you described what it felt like for your emotions. i like this, because it means a lot to me.

suky a from england MARCH 24, 2007

Anonymous FEBRUARY 15, 2007
We are all busy, and have our own troubles, challenges and lives to contend with. But, we definitely could all stand to be a little more empathetic toward one another. Sometimes even a little smile, or comment, a hug, shoulder to cry on, or a listening ear is all it takes. I will try to pay more attention to that too. Thanks for the story and the reminder.

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