Kingdom Williams


My 9 year old son Kingdom was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 years old. Although he has challenges, he has an insight to die for. He is able to see and appreciate so many things that I have walked passed my whole life without seeing. For example, he has shown me that there are letters and numbers everywhere. For example, a parking spot is the number 11. He sees X's in the sidewalk. While waiting in the line at the post office, the line separator (a device that has two metal bars with something that drapes down in the middle) is the letter M. He loves trees, and is fascinated with the moon. He teaches me so much everyday. He wanted a globe and a wall clock for his birthday. He told me he is a scientist, and I believe him. I am not the same person I was before giving birth to him. He is considered to be disabled, but in many ways he is abnormally abled. He literally has 10/10 vision. According to the eye doctor, he sees 10 times farther and 10 times closer than the average person. He has to wear glasses to take away some of the strain of the muscles in his eyes because it takes so much to be able to focus. He is gifted, and I will never look at some things the same.

Submitted by Marilyn Jones

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Wren Margaret Grace from NY FEBRUARY 7, 2019
This is really incredible and beautiful. His name fits him!

Kentrell from Chicag SEPTEMBER 7, 2018