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Tiffany Wright


The person I call my hero is my twin disabled big sister name Tiffany. As I reflect back on growing up with tip I can definitely say, “it has been one heck of a ride”! People would always tell me that they wish they had a twin but to me I never felt that at the time. My sister is blind deaf and is in a wheelchair. Growing up it saddens me because I never what I felt at the time had that twin experience. I know as a child you should never question god but of course I was young and just didn’t understand. There were times where i couldn’t hang out with friends when I wanted to, even missed out on potential jobs due to having to watch tip. Now that is not to say my parents never made it feel like my child hood was swipt away from me because it wasn’t. I witness my sister deal with many health issues but still found a way to come out with a smile. It wasn’t until we gotten older that I truly realized my sister was a conqueror. She give me the strength to overcome my battles. In fact, I do a lot of things not just for myself but for my sister as well. When I graduated from college, I wasn’t just walking across that stage for me but my sister as well because I know if she was able to walk and talk, she would have went after the same goal as me. When I felt like giving up, I would just look at her and be reminded that I can overcome this. Now look at us, 27 years later. My mom always use to say, tip is our sweet angle. I didn’t understand then but I do now. She was brought in this world for a reason. Tip give us purpose! It is something when you are brought in this world by yourself but it is even more special when you are brought in this world with somebody else. I just enjoy cherishing the moments with my sister. I just want my sister to know that the joy she brings in my life, I hope that I can just bring that same thing into hers.

Submitted by Brittany Wright

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