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Ramona Dupree


Hello, my name is Talina Simpson. My mother has taught me many things. But one value that really comes to mind is to believe in myself. She made me aware of bad people in the world that would aim to bring me down and that they would be successful if I didn't believe in myself. As a kid, when I would come home sad because I was made fun of by other kids or whenever I got in a fight with a kid that was bullying me, my mom would always cheer me up by saying "Forget them! Their words aren't important and it doesn't matter other people think of you, it's what you think of you. If you don't believe in yourself or don't like who you are, make some changes to your life. If someone else doesn't like you for you, it doesn't matter and others opinions of you should not matter either. Self love is important." It's because of her, that I learned to believe in myself and not let anyone's views of me affect how I see myself. If others have a problem with me, it's more of a personal issue with themselves. As a Black, Lesbian, Non-gender conforming, Plus size Woman, I have ran into a variety of ignorant people all of my life. But it doesn't bother me because I believe in myself and I am too aware of the corrupted people that want to bring others down because they are down. The goal is to not let anyone succeed at this with you.

Submitted by Talina Simpson

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