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Freddy Brammeier


I often traveled with my father during the summer to pick up feed/seed… he was a farmer…I basically went everywhere with him when he wasn't working at his factory job… One day, we went to a female, about 20 miles south of our house… When we got almost all the way home… We were stopped at a railroad crossing… and my father said we had to go back, and I was horrified by that because it was hot LOL! There was no air conditioning in the truck… I asked in an exasperated voice "why?"... he had paid for the transaction in cash… And they actually gave him several hundred dollars extra in change… He said to me, "I have to take this money back"… The thing that is crucial to understand, is that we were very poor at that time… 80s, farming crisis, etc. we certainly could have used 200 extra dollars… we didn't even have food to eat at the time… anyway, I really learned something about honesty that day… he was also generous beyond general understanding…

Submitted by Alizabeth Brammeier

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