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Daniel Slack


I would like to nominate my fiance, Daniel Slack, as a deserving person in need. Not only does he put his new family first, but he gave up his success, education, and areas of his employment for me and my children. He is my knight in shining and my muse that inspires me to be better than just a victim of life.

I first came to Maine from Florida to escape a relationship that was full of abuse. My exhusband, while we were together, disempowered me as a human. He would take my children away, sometime weeks at a time, as punishment for breaking his rules or disobeying his orders.

When a friend I used to know in High School invited me to his place in Maine. My friend offered help in the form of safety and security. He stated that his parents offered to help with my children and get me on my feet. Out of desperation, I hopped on a Greyhound Bus with my two children, heading for a "Promised Land" of safety and security.

Instead, what I had arrived into was a situation where I was treated like a slave. My children and myself were kept in a tent in their front yard. I was required to cook, clean, and perform sexual acts at this man's beckoning. The one time I did not have time to clean, they called DHHS to take away my children.

I was hopeless and helpless, less than 20% of TPR hearings are won by parents in Maine.
Then I found Daniel. Costing great personal sacrifice, gave me a stable home environment, and achieved my children's return.

He is my personal hero.

Submitted by Tricia Harrell

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