My beautiful mom!

Dani Rasmussen


My hero is my mom because she is has done so much and been through so much and she is still the best mom ever, and she would do anything for her kids! One reason why I chose my mom is because she is strong like batman, just like batman she is both mentally and physically strong, because when she was younger her parents got divorced and her dad left her for 15 or more years. Also my mom is also like Wonder woman, because they are both strong and they don’t back down from challenges, one reason she is like this because she had a stomach and she went to work and stayed there because she knew we needed money. She is also a hero because she would do anything for her kids, just to make it so they are okay or if they have enough food for their kids, like when my brother came over she gave him our good food that we didn’t eat and so that he would have food and not get hungry, and when my other brother didn’t eat a lot because he didn’t have a long time so my mom and dad gave him 50 dollars to eat. Another heroic action that my mom did was that when I messed up then she said it is okay everyone makes mistakes. Some of her background is that she grew up in Utah, and she was a single mom working two jobs for a year. My mother is a very important person in my life, and she is a very heroic person!

Submitted by Kinsey

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