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Great Grandpa Ford


He was an inspiration to his whole family and friends in so many ways.
He was compassionate about life. He would say "live well and make good choices because you only have one life to live".
No one was a stranger to him. You always felt loved and excepted.
Through his Navy service he learned the value of working hard. He encouraged us by saying "no job is to small or to large to always give your best effort".
Dependable should have been his middle name. You could always count on him for anything. You only had to ask.
I found myself asking him for advice on parenting skills, healthy living and what makes a great marriage. I could rely on him for encouragement, support, an honest opinion, another perspective on whatever topic we were sharing, and he had a way of motivating you to be your best. Head up!
Like John Quincy Adams said "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more & become more, you are a leader".
Great Grandpa Ford you are a great leader. Thank you for all your years of service in the Navy and to all of our families.

Submitted by Shardell Johnson

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