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Emma Coffer


My hero is my best friend,I know it already sounds like I'm just being nice but not entirely, this girl has stopped me from taking my life more times than I can count,we are about to have our summer between 7th and 8th grade I met her in 6th she's always been there for me and had my back,I never knew you could be friends for so long and never get in a fight I guess you just gotta learn to see things from there point of view.. Ok so umm see I had an abusive mom and family that hated me so of course I got depressed like I would cut,starve myself,force myself to throw up,took pills,smoke weed, I tried every possible way to ruin my life or end it cuz I thought I was just a burden to everyone then I met her... My real life angel,she was wierd ,the cute kind if crazy,funny and just all around beautiful and there was always that glow that had a feeling to seeing it that just made you happy,well maybe we knew what would happen but from first look I knew we both could tell wed become best friends,and we did,I would come to school so torn apart and shed slowly pick up every piece and put it back together stronger than before,so I know now not all heroes have to have a cape some could be sparkle obsessed,ginger haired,beautiful crazy people and I found mine and now I'm here sidekick...

Submitted by Cassidee Wolfe

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