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Jesi Stracham


On January 18th, 2015 Jesi was in a motorcycle accident. She died twice being resuscitated, along with obtaining a spinal cord injury, but this didn't stop her. She started living life more in her chair. Making every negative into a positive, she fought her paralysis day and night. She has competed in numerous adaptive sports, along with volunteering her time, co-founding the wheel with me foundation, mentoring new SCI patients and now, after two years of no movement in her lower extremities she is able to move her legs and on the road to recovery. Her determination and perseverance are unlike anything you've ever came accross before. One of Jesi's greatest qualities is her realism, if you ask for her opinion you are going to get her idea of the honest truth. If you visit one of her many social media sites, you will see examples, but it isn't until you hear her speak saying things like "I would never change my circumstances even on my worst day" or how grateful she is for her paralysis. She's asks people to "Wheel with Me: use your obstacles to live life to the fullest." Her soul is absolutely beautiful.

Submitted by Larry

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