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Mina Irfan


Mina is my best friend and my fabulous mom. Everything she taught me since 12 years ago is still in my head. When I was 4, I was diagnosed with a learning disorder and speech impairment. Although I had that problem, she told me not to give up. I overcame it after a while as I know she is always here for me. She taught me so many life skills that I need in the future. She is an author of an inspirational book and then taught me how to write one too. The stage I went in is being diagnosed, overcoming it, achieving honor roll for 3 years straight, and to publishing a book when I was 11. Thanks to you mom, I wouldn't have made it this far.
I love you!!!!!!


Submitted by Armaan

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Shirley from Australia APRIL 1, 2017
How absolutely beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye.!!!!