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Haydn B.


A hero isn’t just a strong man in a cape that flies around saving people. A hero could be a volunteer worker, a teacher, or a family member. You may even be a hero to somebody. My hero just so happens to be my father, which may sound stereotypical to some. Many people would say their mother or father is their hero because these people raised them, or you’re always able to turn to them. My parents are like this as well. Yet, I still consider my father a hero above everybody else. Now, this is not to say my mother isn’t my hero, (I love you, Mom!), but I’ve decided to shine the light on my dad that he deserves, and why I consider him to be compassionate.
My dad’s personality has always been caring and loving. He was the one that stayed home with me, so from a young age I was able to learn how to treat others and how I should be treated. I remember all of the times when I was younger that he would help me with my issues with friends or school. I love how he treats my mom as well, helping her with her work and job. He has shown others compassion by serving our country and helping the community. I’m so proud to see him work through all of his health issues and come through optimistic.
In conclusion, I believe my dad is the value,
“compassionate”. He’s always willing to help a friend in
need, and expects nothing in return. He is a great example
for me. My dad is slow to anger, and a fantastic listener! He is a caring husband and father and I couldn’t of asked for a better dad to raise me.

Submitted by Chloe Breece

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