Tiah Pin-Chia Huang


My daughter Tiah, was born with a rare brain malformation called Schizencephaly causing cerebral palsy. Her whole life has been about therapies and dr appointments. She has had two major surgeries in the last 5 months, following more physical therapy. She does it all with a smile on her face. She pushes through every difficult part of her life with such great will and bravery. If she falls, she gets up. If she can't do it, she tries till she can. All With a big smile! Her friends, school, therapist, DRs, family and all who meet her are touched by her ability to just be happy, and courageous no matter what challenges face her! She teaches her family and others when life is tuff to push on with all the hope in the world to accomplish anything in her way!

Submitted by Lisa McLaughlin

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aireana from Florida JUNE 27, 2016
Well Tiah I personaly think you should be a teacher.I think you would be just awsome!!!!!!