Ashley Wade


I would love to share an inspiring story about Ashley Wade and how she began the Ashley Wade Foundation. Ashley was diagnosed at the age of 17 with Crohn's disease. Since then she always felt the need to give back. This is when The Ashley Wade Foundation began. The mission of the Ashley Wade Foundation is to enrich lives of children battling a chronic illness. It is a nonprofit 501(3)(c) organization. Ashley is now 22 and her foundation consists of sending care packages, holding hospital parties and hosting family fun days. As of January 2016, we have opened up to help children all across the states. In the past, it was children living and/or being treated in New York. This is huge for us. I am also a member of the Ashley Wade Foundation. My son was diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 10, 2 years ago. Dylan (my son) is one of Ashley's Superstars! This is what she calls the children in her foundation. Ashley has won awards as well. One was, the Be the Change Award, from The Sheckler Foundation. A new program called, Jakes Jammie's was introduced this year. It is a wonderful program. Please email or call me to discuss in more detail. Her story is truly amazing. She is my hero and an inspiration to many!

Submitted by Sue Gillespie

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