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Teena Wright


My Daughter, My Hero!
Teena is a young lady that actually does good things for this world. She doesn’t give speeches about doing good, she doesn’t wait for you to do good, she doesn’t expect good to just happen. Teena gets to work and sets out about doing good. She does good things, actions that make animals feel good, healthy and wanted and as a result people feel good and more at ease! I truly believe that a pet can help reduce stress in the person that thinks he/she is the master. Teena is a Certified Veterinary Technician and has worked very hard to be the best in her graduating class and to learn the necessary skills needed to excel in her profession.
This summer she faces a special challenge deciding to be a stay at home Mom for her two young children. But she carries on. After a stressful move across country this special young lady, wife, mother and rescuer of abandoned small animals has helped her family settle in a new home, enrolled her kids in new charter schools, all the while caring for her two kitties and three dogs. When her husband called and mentioned there were four abandoned kittens, just days old, in a locomotive at his work Teena rose to the challenge and decided that this was a good thing and she knew how to make it better, find them a home! That is always easier said than done. Did I mention that the kittens get well fed (quality food), preventative medicines, full set of vaccines and spayed or neutered? Yes they do and the cost adds up which her family and friends help with. After she took in the four kittens I learned that Teena has helped a terrier/chihuahua puppy and one beagle find loving homes. The list of animals seems to never grow smaller but the workload of being an everyday hero just gets bigger. Teena would love to be able to keep some of her own rescues but she knows her limits and does not keep any of the ones she has helped. She did rescue a dog and a cat from a different rescue for her own personal pets. These animals are all amazing and this just shows how personally her and her family are involved with the best interest of pets.
That episode is just part of what she has accomplished since before she started her schooling. When she got married and had her first child, she helped three kittens and a hound mix while dealing with raising her first child and her and her husband’s personal pets. That in itself is amazing and it is just the beginning of several years of her selflessly caring for animals that need help when there is no one else to care for them. Thirteen kittens, three dogs, three baby birds, a pregnant cat and then her kitten all found a guardian angel in my daughter. They have all found great homes!

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Andew from NotGiven SEPTEMBER 27, 2016
she is a animal life saver

Andrew from White Water Middle School SEPTEMBER 27, 2016
good things help

luly g. from u.s.a. AUGUST 27, 2015
she can make a difference

Anonymous JULY 12, 2015
Teena is so special!