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Lindsay Condefer


Lindsay is an amazing, selfless person who gives countless hours not only to her dog rescue, which takes in several animals needing medical care, but also to raising awareness and acceptance for children with craniofacial conditions.

The most notable dog she raised is Lentil, a French bulldog born with a double cleft lip and palate. She took him in at 2 days old, tube feeding him every two hours around the clock. Now two years old, Lentil brings smiles to the faces of children across the country who have craniofacial conditions. Children in Lentil's Kids Club receive bravery medals and special surprises throughout the year.

She is also visiting children in their home states as part of the Chews Kind Tour, which was funded through the generosity of the followers on the My Name is Lentil Facebook page. My daughter just had her visit last month, and it was an amazing experience. Lindsay came to help with the delivery of the 909 pounds of Girl Scout cookies donated by Team Lentil. The letter I wrote after our visit best sums it up:

"The past two days were amazing! I loved being able to watch Avery give back to the hospital, a place that has given so much to her. There was so much uncertainty about what the future would hold when she was born, but her profile picture says it best, she was born to do this. The future is here and I watched my reserved child proudly deliver 1644 boxes of cookies to five deserving places in our community. This reserved child walked boldly into a room filled with nearly 60 fifth grade students and read them the book she wrote about herself, her bravery medal from Lentil dangling from her neck.I watched my two children work together as an amazing team. They worked together to stick thank you notes on over 180 boxes of cookies, make a banner, load cookies into a truck, and unload them at each stop. I watched each of my children show selfless giving. Carson made sure to buy Lentil some new tennis balls for the trip and happily played with him. He saved some Samoas after asking Lindsay which cookies were her favorite. Avery shared her bravery medals so her brother had one to wear during our deliveries. Both kids wanted to choose toys for the animals at the Humane Society so the animals wouldn't be bored.”

Lindsay also sends care packages to children facing major surgeries. Her most recent endeavor was to arrange for a member of the Kids Club to fly across the country to accompany another member of the club to prom. In addition, she also brings Lentil into schools to give talks about being kind to everyone.

Lindsay encompasses the value of helping others and I hope you are able to recognize her for all that she has done.

For more information, please visit facebook.com/MyNameIsLentil or facebook.com/AverysStory.

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How nice... =)

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Ilike this site

Bailey from 54022 OCTOBER 8, 2015
She is one of the most inspiring people that I have meet.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 10, 2015
that is so cute thank u very much