Beth Leonard


My wife Beth has been a real inspiration and soul mate too me as well as a loving and nurturing mother to our 2 young daughters. Unfortunately my career has moved our family throughout the Midwest and with my wife being a successful Real Estate broker she has had to start her career from scratch with every move. Beth could have said "No way, I'm not moving I have a career here" but she takes the challenge every time. In addition to restarting her career, her primary focus has been to be there for the girls. I am just thankful that her Real Estate career allows her to put the kids first; as being there for the kids is of utmost importance to the both of us. While we are at a phase in our lives when moves need to become non-existent, I want to thank her and express my love and gratitude to her as she has kept the family strong during these challenging times. She inspires me to be who I am and to make the moves for our family that will be more prosperous and rewarding. This has made me a stronger individual as well. I am thankful for the foundation of our strong family values and without her I don't know what the meaning of family would be. My wife deserves to be recognized for her unselfishness.

Submitted by michael leonard

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