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Julia Sayland


My hero is my daughter. She is simply everything I wasnt capable of being at her age. She has pride in herself and stays true to herself with the world going on around her. She moves slowly with everything she does and acts quickly if she knows it isnt becoming of her. She sees the world and the people in it for what they are. So caring and loving with everyone and holds the special ones close. She seems to have a built in seatbelt to handle the twists and turns and sometimes heavy jolts in life. And when you see her smile its coming from that secret place. That place that not many are fortunate enough to touch. If you get the chance, and grab her heart, and know her, you have touched the world. That cycle of love and life, trust and loyalty, friendship and family. She is my gift.

Submitted by Janna L Sayland

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John from Oklahoma City,, OK JANUARY 14, 2017
I love the tv advertisement of the girl leaving for college but stops to thank her father. It was sad to think they had never had that exchange before.

Luke from Truro College MAY 18, 2016
This is a lovely story about her.

adam from lexington, ky  JANUARY 27, 2016
Awesome testimony . pass it on. Check out values .com we need to encourage our children. And of course each other. questions

Edward. Prescott from Flint. Michigan 48503 OCTOBER 31, 2015
My daughter has downs but she out smarts me all the time people with disabilities are better than us because no matter how much there challanged they get up strong and smiling they forgive what's done to them and overcome something I've never been Abel to do the smile on there faces remind me its not that bad challenged children over come lifes hardest obsticals every day i can't handle one a day we have nothing but a smile in the morning witch my daughter helps me through every day so you rock on girl show the world you are you your people to. Bless you

Ayodele from Nigeria JULY 11, 2014
Woooow that's charming and quiet interesting really wish to meet her