Patrick Ireland was the boy in the window at Columbine . He was shot three times but went to render aid to a fellow classmate. He drug himself to safety and flung himself into the arms of swat and saved his own life. It took him nearly 3 hours and had he waited for help he would have died. Patrick had to relearn to write,speak,walk and function all over again and he did it. He is now a successful adult and amazing young man. His act embodies so many values but he taught me never to give up and that sometimes you have to save yourself . Thank You, Pat.

Submitted by mary

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mary, s from Colorado JULY 18, 2012
Thank You for posting. I meant to write he was shot when he went to render aid but none the less what that poor young man went through and how he drug himself to safety is inspirational . I will never forget the images of him coming out of that second story window and the story behind how he made it there shows us all to never give up.