Donald Hanlon E


Hard working, loving, intelligent, didn’t take crap from anyone, put other people’s lives before his own.
My Grandpa was in the Korean War, and served this country with pride. He grew up in Minneapolis, MN and didn’t have a lot growing up. He was a man who worked for most of his life, and had 9 kids. So he had to work hard to keep food on the table. Grandpa moved up to Aitkin after he retired. He always made toys out of wood for the kids to play with when all of us came up from the cities.
During the last 5 years of his life my Grandpa got diabetes, and his body slowly started failing on him. You knew it killed him everyday to see everyone coming up to do work for him. Grandpa was never the man who wanted other people to do work for him. He Died October 6, 2011 with most of his children at his house with him. To this Day I still see him as my hero for all of the great things he accomplished in his life.

Submitted by Alissa Tuenge

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