Warren, Hepburn, & Dave E

The Mirror Never Calls My Name.

Snow White’s evil stepmother, Had a great mirror.
She’d ask it a question, But once to her horror.
It gave not her name, but, instead said another.
This greatly tormented this evil stepmother.

Well years have gone by, and now that I’m older,
I remember that tale, I’ve gotten much bolder.
Each morning, I stand, and look in the glass.
I’m hoping here now, to let some time pass.

I can’t look much worse, my eyes slowly open.
My wrinkles may fade; At least that’s my hopin’
I’m long past my prime, I understand that.
Fast approaching the end, is about where I’m at.

I’m sure I’m not first, to give it some thought.
How I spent my life, just what has it bought?
What do folks that I know, Think of old buck.
I’ll ask this old mirror, and hope for some luck.

Old mirror of mine, just tell me the name.
I’d like to know now, who’s best played the game.
Some one that’s most honest, I’d like to hear from.
He made a good living; He’s not just a bum.

Mirror steams over, I hear her wheels spinning.
She soon has a name, Says: “This fellows winning.”
Warren’s the name, I know the man well.
I can’t doubt the mirror, that answer is swell.

Thousands of times in all the years past.
His generous portions, built a business to last.
He’s worked long & hard, but now has grand kids.
To chase deer and coons, to try to get rid.

Of all those outsiders, that come to small farms.
If you don’t stay on them, they do you great harm.
Days grow to weeks, before courage I get.
To ask her again, I’ll soon do it, I bet.

Mirror I’m looking, for some generous person.
Who’s given to all, When times are a worsen’in
She says since the flood, there have been, oh so many.
But one name stands out; He’d give his last penny.

But money’s not all, this one will give out.
He gives of his time, with never a pout.
Old Hepburn’s the name, she lays now on me.
I have to admit, none better would be.

I’ve known him nearly, All of my life.
He and Laretha, His loving wife.
I couldn’t tell you, the hundreds of times.
He stopped what he’s doing, and turned on a dime.

To come to my aid, whatever the need.
That man is so generous, He doesn’t know greed.
Well, this makes it harder, to ask the next time.
A listing of “character”, I’d wish left behind.

To put with my name, to reflect what I’ve done.
There’s one more I’ll ask, and that’s the last one.
Oh mirror of mine, I’ve one last request.
I don’t ask it lightly, or even in jest.

There must be someone, among all your travels.
That you count as bravest, with courage of gravel.
Well that’s a big order, this countries at war.
There are thousands out there, Will be thousands more.

Willing to die, for family and friends.
That daily will face Very uncertain ends.
But you want a name; I’ll give you one now.
You may even wonder, you picked him, just how?
Well courage is something, that’s hard to describe.
Some charge the front line, some hold off a bribe.
Some carry strong guns, some sneak in the night.
But there’s one form of courage, I think is so right.

The courage to face, whatever he must.
Sickness or hardship, or finances a bust.
Well there’s one you know, when I say his name.
You’ll soon understand, I’m playing no game.

Dave R, it is, He’s faced more than most.
And yet he still stands, like a sturdy steel post.
He’s had many hardships, and never complains.
And if any good happens, He’s the first to exclaim.

Mirror you’re right, He’s a man of true grit.
I’d not measure up, I wouldn’t be fit.
To walk in his shoes, not even one day.
He’s been a good friend, all of the way.

Well, I’d better examine my life even better.
She’s had these guys pegged, Right down to the letter.
There’s one thing I’ve done, it may save my soul.
It something that surely, has taken no toll.

Maybe that’s why it scares me, to think it will work.
To say just a Name, Now seems like a quirk.
But I’ve checked it out, I’ve read through the Book.
I’ve gone more than once, to take a hard look.

But it’s written there, Believe on His Name.
And when you get there, He’ll cover your shame.
Again someone else is taking my place.
Helping me out, get’s me now through the race.

I’ve shown no real drive, to help other folks.
I’ve been more a stooge, a teller of jokes.
I hope my lucks better, when I near that gate.
This filthy looser, Gatekeeper won’t hate.

I trust His promise, my name written there.
I’ll probably get in, by the breadth of a hair.
So if you’ve reached that point, you’ve talked to your mirror,
And you look around. There’s so many that’s dearer.

You may find yourself, in a similar spot.
You’ll want to go there, not where it’s so hot.
So today, is the day, Get right with the Lord.
He’ll forgive your sins, and let you on board.

Written by Old Buck Aug.3, 2008

Submitted by Anonymous

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