Felicia S


I want to introduce my daughter Felicia Smith. She was my second daughter and grew up to be a kind, generous, loving young woman. She was bullied in school yet was always kind sweet and gentle. She never had an unkind word or took action against her tormentors. On December 2, 2010 she made the drastic decision to end her life. Her leaving us has left our family shattered. We have begun working toward making changes in her school system and hope to work toward getting legislation to change the laws that effect bullying. We have created a web site www.kindnessmatters.bbnow.org to promote change and we hope to spread the word and make a difference in the community and the world in her name and to honor her. She will be missed and her memory will live on in our hearts. She is my hero. Lisa Smith

Submitted by LIsa Smith

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Kelsey Couts from Bolivar APRIL 28, 2011
Im so sorry about your situation. I am going through the same thing and its the hardest death to deal with. You will be in my prayers