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Six years ago my mother went through the most precarious time of her life, not sure if she would live or die. She was suffering the effects of Polycystic Kidney Disease, living with a set of kidneys and a liver no longer in operation. She was in great pain, afraid of the uncertainty of tomorrow and isolated three hours from family and friends. She watched patients come in and pass away. She remained patient as each day passed with no match. She never complained and met each day with a smile, greeting everyone with a kind word. Her positive outlook and peaceful acceptance that the end might be near made an indelible impression on the entire hospital staff.

My mother received a cadaver kidney and liver. She often thinks of the sacrifice made on her behalf and refuses to take any day for granted. She advocates on behalf of organ donation, shares her experience through speaking engagements and is a shoulder to cry on for others in the position she was. I could not be prouder of her. She is, and will always be, my hero!

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Kaylee K from Westerville, OH APRIL 29, 2009
I think this was a good story because it really shows how good people can be and sometimes even how rude and mean people can be. I wish everybody could be like your mom and look for the best in people rather than their appearance.

RR from Che, India SEPTEMBER 23, 2008
It warms up the heart and tells me why it is important to do the right thing, all the time.

Brett H. from Pasadena, MD MAY 31, 2008
I'm thankful for people like your mother. I try and hope to be a better person everyday like your mother.

Tom T. from London, United Kingdom DECEMBER 15, 2007
Thanks for your story, you inspire me. To your mom, for all that she is & will be. May all her children be blessed and never go without. Thanks.

Koki S. from Kano, Nigeria DECEMBER 9, 2007
Your story reminds me how good my mother is to people.

Galoane T. from American Samoa DECEMBER 4, 2007
I can fill pages with the values my mom instilled in me. She has long gone but her legacies live on.

Alexxis M. from Philippines SEPTEMBER 25, 2007
Your mom is an angel and it's nice to hear loving people like her still exist in this world. May she have the same happiness that she has given.

Vishnu SEPTEMBER 24, 2007
Her deeds are very impressive.

Nona F. from Iowa, USA SEPTEMBER 10, 2007
I remember getting off the school bus and seeing someone on the porch eating. Mom would have "fed the hungry" who came to our door.

Kiran M. from Jeypore, Orissa, India AUGUST 27, 2007
The lady was serving to the poor, innocent, helpless people, which is worth it to do. She could feel the need of those people.

Ericka H. from Vermont, USA AUGUST 14, 2007
Thank you for offering hope. I was ready to throw in the towel on the human race.

linda s. from georgia AUGUST 6, 2007
If everyone would show love for each other this world would not be in the mess it is in now.

Kim from KL JULY 3, 2007
In helping others, we gain respect and develop a deep sense of worth.

Sara T from Ireland JUNE 25, 2007
If only everybody was even half as kind and thoughtful as your wonderful mother, this world would be a much better. I'm sure she inspired others to be kinder thus making a ripple that will reach from person to person for eternity. Love and peace*

Cathy T from Nairobi, Kenya JUNE 20, 2007
My mother has taught me the power of giving. I believe that blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that receiveth. It is the best way to go.

M P from UK JUNE 19, 2007
The gift of kindness, is one of the highest values, which I have come to appreciate and cherish more and more each day. How wonderful to have such a gift. Thanks for your story.

Chioma N from Nigeria JUNE 11, 2007
Your mum has set a good example I can't help but follow. I really want to think of others before me, I'm encouraged by this story. People really need help and the world is a global village, we are all sisters and brothers no one should be despised. We should help each other when we get the chance to. I love this story.

Edwin A from Lagos JUNE 10, 2007
This is really inspirational, it reminds of my own mother and the things she does for people; family, friends and especially unknown people.

Juanita B from Australia MAY 27, 2007
This story and others I've read truly inspire me to do good to others, I sometimes think the human race is harsh and unkind but then I read something inspirational and it reminds me we have hearts and souls!

Anna J. from Kansas MAY 4, 2007
This lady captures the spirit of another soul full of love and generosity, my own mother. Thank you for sharing her selflessness and reminding me of the blessings and example in my own life. With ladies like these surely there is hope in our world.

kati b from mesa az MAY 1, 2007
This story is really good. I love listening about people who are so selfless and love helping others without looking for anything in return. This woman is truly inspiring and one of a kind.

Anonymous APRIL 29, 2007
Your mother has a heart of gold, we meet angels in many forms and your mother is one of them...It was nice knowing your mother. My mother is also just like your mother. Best regards.

Daffney D. from Metairie,La APRIL 26, 2007
Quite an inspiration

Grace G. from Nigeria APRIL 18, 2007
your mum was one of the best. God bless her.

Kevin H. from Pittsburgh MARCH 29, 2007
Apparently she was. She did well to impress it upon you. Thanks to her.

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