Jesús P


My dad is the best person I have ever met. Nothing I have ever seen or heard from others will ever convince me otherwise. A little less than two years ago, when I was 24 years old, I was living away from home for college and was involved in what could have been potentially serious legal trouble. My dad flew 2,500 miles across the country after flying 6,000 miles to attend my uncle's wedding, in the same half a week span to be with me for a month until my court date. He packed up my whole house including my 3 cats and moved me back home to the Northeast, where he found me an apartment 4 blocks away from him. In the subsequent time since then, the closest friendships I have had for over 10 years dissolved when things were at their hardest and the family members I have always loved and relied on the most had lives of their own to live (understandably so)and were not around anymore. No matter how bad I've ever messed up and done seriously stupid stuff my dad has never chastised me by calling me names, giving up on me, threatening to leave me, telling me to leave, or anything else other parents have done when they are fed up. He doesn't humiliate, embarrass, taunt or ridicule. He yells because he's loud but he is not violent or scary. He has always been the most trustworthy, kind and generous person I have ever known. He has been a single father since he was in his early twenties, looks after my mom even though they have been divorced since 1989, my cousins, my four sisters and his wife. My dad believes in me no matter what and anything other people's parents will do, my dad has already done twice or more. He lives for his whole family and doesn't know how to be selfish. He isn't perfect but he knows all of the answers any parent has ever asked and is truly the greatest human being I have ever known. There is nothing I could write that could ever express my gratitude, love, or appreciation for having him as my dad. He is the best. I love him no matter what and there is nothing I wouldn't do for him.

Submitted by Alina Fernanda P.

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