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Im Evelyn, I'm 12 years old and I am proud to say that my little sister, Jessica, is my hero. Many people think that when somebody saves your life that's when they become your hero, but no—its not always like that. Its when they inspire you that they become your hero.

So, my little sister is my hero because no matter what she will never let anyone put her down. People criticize her saying her way of thinking is as if she was still 3 (shes 8). It's sad how she isn't as mature and prepared for life as she should be, but either way she'll keep on being herself.

Also people make fun of her because of her weight but it doesnt get in her way. She actually says that she loves being overweight and being who she is. Even though its hard to believe someone would say that it really inspired me to not let anything get in my way and that we all have to accept who we are and also to not let some words torment you through out your life.

Anyway, that's why my little sister Jessica is my hero, the one I admire.

Submitted by Evelyn

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