Obaid K


Obaid Kadwani, Bollywood Tv-personality, Sparks Nationwide Grassroots Movement To Feed And Soothe America’s Hungry!

Families across America are throwing pizza parties in homeless shelters! 1 week, 25 states, 25,000 pizza slices served to 10,000 shelter guests from June 14th - June 19th.
Every penny has been raised by private donations through the slogan “$1 sponsors 2 slices and live music”

Obaid wanted to empower people in America as America is his home. People are able to see that their $1 is going to make a direct difference to a person in need right in their city. The shelter’s guests love these parties, as it’s not only hot, fresh all-you-can-eat pizzas, but also live music. It feeds the body, feeds the soul and creates happy smiles.
It's not even his job. He bringing everyone together and doing this on a volunteer basis through his non-profit, eyeBLINK.

NY1 has carried the story. NY daily News has carried the story. Many other channels, radio stations, and publications in other states have carried the story. He's been doing it since 2007 and slowly Pizza for the Hungry has gotten bigger every year, as more people find out about it! The website is www.pizzafor.org

Submitted by Michael Smalls

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