Lena M


Have you ever had a notion to lie down and give up, no matter how much you wanted to achieve? Well, that's how I felt until I met Mrs. M. Mrs. M is a teacher at my high school. She is viewed as our mom. She not only educates, she inspires, and is admired and adored. No matter how dogmatic the world is, Mrs. M. sagaciously turns all situations into a learning medium. She has taught me to succeed and never let my guard down. She has taught me patience, love, and has shown me that I have the ability to climb the ladder of success no matter how challenging it becomes. I owe my success to her. She is to be praised for meeting the expectations of the future and doing it with great tenacity and a constant smile. Love you, Mrs. M.

-- Nominated by Anonymous, Miami, FL.

Submitted by Anonymous

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Brandi M. from Ontario, Canada JANUARY 1, 2008
Thank you for sharing, this story has touched me.

Mary from Kansas MAY 2, 2007
I feel this way. Thank you for giving me hope!

Jane W. from Granite Falls, NC MAY 2, 2007
I had a loving and very wise mother. When I was in high school, I was considered the best pianist in the school, until one time when we were preparing a special Pep Rally. We needed a song to be played for a dance group, but no store had the sheet music. In those days we had no tape recorders etc., so the piano was the only accompaniment. A very beautiful and popular girl in the school said, "if you hum the tune, I can play it by ear." And she did! I went home crying and jealous and I'll never forget what my mother said to me: "My darling daughter! Waste no time being jealous. If you want what she has, learn to play by ear also." I am now grateful to that beautiful girl in high school who inspired me to learn to play by ear, for it has served me well in my over 50 years in show business.