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Gerry V. Radice, born December 9, 1918, is the oldest child in a family of four children. Mr. Radice grew up in Chicago. Taylor Street. Hyde park. Attended DePaul University. Joined Illinois National Guard. Federalized into US Army September, 1940. Active duty through April, 1946. Attended DePaul University through January, 1949. Attended University of Chicago March, 1949 through December, 1949. Worked in Public Accounting, private corporate accounting, through 1965. Attended University of Chicago for additional post graduate courses in three other disciplines in the PHD Program.

September, 1956, DePaul University requested him to teach Accounting. He did, through December, 1999. Both undergraduate and MBA programs.

Had his own public accounting practice from 1969 to current date. Was involved in many areas of commerce assisting small and medium sized companies with their accounting and management functions.

His motto is: "God put me on this earth to help people." He has talks the walk and walks the talk. One other of Gerry's suggested practices explained to his students at the first class session of each course he taught was:

S.W.Y.M.: Say what you mean.
M.W.Y.M.: Mean what you say.

R.T.P.: Read the Problem. Read. Think. Plan.

K.I.S.S Keep it simple, stupid. (I am stupid.)

Gerry has touched the lives of thousands of people, of whom I am one, and has succeeded in teaching those who wanted to learn about accounting and many many other life lessons. He continues at age 91 (almost) to pursue the mission he was given upon returning from combat where he received two Purple Hearts for wounds received and is eligible for a third one. He also received two Bronze Stars and is mentioned for some sort of a Silver Star.

In his forty three years of teaching Accounting, only night classes, he only asked the thousands of students whom he taught to think, and explain the solution to problems. He did not relate well to day time students who only wanted a grade.

In my opinion, as a member of the "Greatest Generation" Mr. Radice is one of the greatest of the Greatest.

Submitted by Frank G. Anton

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Anonymous SEPTEMBER 25, 2014
It appears that Mr. Radice truly lived a life of excellence; focused, committed, purposeful, and transparent. It speaks to the fact that excellence is a state of being. Be excellent.