Richard F


My husband, Richard, will always be my hero. We will soon celebrate our 17th wedding anniversary and during these years he has never failed to be by my side. About ten years into our marriage my health took a downward spiral and I had to stop working. I had held a job all my life so admitting that I could no longer work was almost as bas as the sickness was itself.

Our everyday life all but turned upside down. I became very discouraged. But Richard was (and is) my rock. Everyday he found some new way to make me feel better about myself. During the times I was confined to bed he would simply sit with me, hold my hand in his and say nothing. Other times he would stop whatever he was doing just to hug me and whisper “I love you.” He gave me the courage that I needed to keep going forward. While my health is now improving I sometimes look back on those darker days and each time I do, I fall in love with my husband all over again.

Submitted by Teresa

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