Michael C

My hero is just a simple man. Michael is the one who made a lot of sacrifice to his career since he was just 16 years old. He didn't know how to enjoy life; how to spend time with friends in those days because he had too many dreams to fulfill. He's been focused on his dreams since he was really young.

Instead, he knows how to take care of others in a tender way. He spoke with his mum very often to make sure that she was okay whenever he was away. He is the one who will open the car door for you when you are on or off his car, and see you off at your door when saying goodbye. He can spend time listening to you patiently whenever you are confused and give you any help at the right moment

Most of all, he is the most modest person I've ever known. He can see things with the calm eyes of a thoughtful scholar. In my mind he is my hero because he really raised me up since I first met him.

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Risija singh chauhan from Banda india JULY 3, 2019
Inspirable and motivative.

leeyam from philippines JANUARY 13, 2019
Very motivational story!

Anonymous JANUARY 16, 2018

izhar from matura SEPTEMBER 17, 2017
Good inspiring story

Isabella from Uganda SEPTEMBER 8, 2017
nice,so inspirational

Aurangzeb from Najibabad AUGUST 28, 2017
Awsm story very motivational :)

aanchal from meerut AUGUST 1, 2017
nyc story.....feeling like my and my brothers story....

Chaitanya from Malegaon JULY 26, 2017
Nice story of inspirationa

Vivid from New Delhi NOVEMBER 30, 2016
I'm glad you shared your beautiful story with us it was really inspiring and a treat to read.

Sagar from PUNE INDIA NOVEMBER 15, 2016
Nice story of inspiration

sanu from kabpur SEPTEMBER 2, 2016
Such a inspiring story

zacky from celebes,indonesia AUGUST 31, 2016
Its really inspired me dude

Faisal from Chandanaish, chittagong . AUGUST 1, 2016
Motivational :-D

Jet from Manila JUNE 1, 2016
what a great story.. its so inspiring

Godlove from Tanzania NOVEMBER 9, 2015
A good inspirational story about studying and life in general,it brings me somewhere,thanx

Nuzhat from Bangladesh  NOVEMBER 8, 2015
This is inspiring!

Arissa Herondale from Philippines OCTOBER 11, 2015
Well it seem I can relate to that. I'm now in college and when my Mom calls she always talk about my sister not paying attention in her studies. Thanks for that I know My mom could survive too. Thanks for this story :)

NULL from NULL APRIL 16, 2015
Very very inspirational indeed . i am going through the same phase as your sister had once gain . it' s so difficult to cope with it ‚ dn' t feel like dokng anything ‚ can' t even muster the courage to touch books again . actually everyone knew me as a student who works hard ‚ this time i dn' t know what happened ‚ even my brother had managed to get himself saved though studying is smthing he does not like ‚ but it was a shock for the whole family when i flunked out ‚ it was so humiliating ‚ i came up with a number of e cuses to hide my pain ‚ dn' t want to go out in case someone asks me about results .reading your story soothes my pain .thank you .

Student. Shiela M. D. from Philippines MARCH 15, 2009
This story is very good.It inspires a lot of people. This story shows courage and hope.

Ashley M. from Lubbock, Texas MARCH 17, 2008
Brought tears to my eyes, what an amazing story. Never, never, never give up! (Winston Churchill)

Kevin C. from Connecticut, USA MARCH 9, 2008
This is very inspiring. My parents neither believed in me nor put me down. I'm 15, I don't have a girlfriend, and I have some great friends, but they're not people I can talk to in order to acquire self-esteem, confidence, persistence, etc. I'm very intelligent, but I lack the positive feelings necessary to pursue my dreams. Profound and abstract thinking is a love and a gift of mine, however within that, I couldn't discover resilience to all of the negativity surrounding me. Currently, this is the only source that's somewhat sustaining my academics, and overall, my life. Words simply cannot describe how much I appreciate this story-this message.

Kayode A. from Lagos, Nigeria FEBRUARY 15, 2008
I have tears in my eyes.

Miguel M. from Tucson, Arizona USA JANUARY 22, 2008
Nothing can really compare to a mothers love and confidence in her children. Remember to appreciate all the things your mother did for you in your life.

Ishak G. from Kathmandu, Nepal DECEMBER 20, 2007
Very simple story yet with so much to learn and to be inspired by.

Tiffany H. from Arkansas USA DECEMBER 17, 2007
That was a beautiful story, it inspires me to study harder, work harder, and be better. Thank you for sharing!

Premananda M. from Orissa India OCTOBER 22, 2007
Excellent site I come across. I will be benefitted Thanks!

Vinay K.V. from Khammam, Andhra Pradesh, India OCTOBER 14, 2007
A great story. Hats off to the mothers of the world who have so much confidence in their children! Andhra pradesh, INDIA.

Suman S. K. from Kochi, Kerala, India OCTOBER 13, 2007
Incredible story...a real booster!

Irish Joy A. from Batangas, Philippines OCTOBER 12, 2007
It's very inspiring story. A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying and giving up.

Priyanka B. from India OCTOBER 12, 2007
This a very good story.

Apaga S.C. from Kampala, Uganda SEPTEMBER 24, 2007
There is no success on this earth without effort. .

Prabhjot K. from Lucknow,India SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
I was reminded of my mum while reading this story. My mum is an English teacher in a reputed school and has stood by me at all tough times in my life. It's only because of her that I've achieved anything.

Temitope from Lagos, Nigeria SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
I love those words; it touches the heart. I hope to write mine someday so that those out there can learn.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 10, 2007
Amazing story, I like it so much!

Tony E. from Charlotte, North Carolina USA SEPTEMBER 5, 2007
Thank you for sharing such a personal story. Your mother is a super person. I'm sure when you have children of your own you will follow in your mothers footsteps and never give up on them.

Chris A. from Philippines SEPTEMBER 5, 2007
It's been a pleasure to read this great story...thanks!

Prelyn Joy P. from Philippines AUGUST 31, 2007
Very interesting...so much I like it!

Lovely from Philippines AUGUST 27, 2007
A great story!! She's really a good mom. Very inspiring story.

Geethika S. from Chennai, India AUGUST 24, 2007
A great story. Hats off to the mothers of the world who have so much of confidence in their children!

Geethika S. from Chennai, India AUGUST 18, 2007
An excellent story. Moved me to tears. Hats off to the mothers of the world who have so much confidence in their children!

Suyog K. from Pune, India AUGUST 17, 2007
It's quite inspiring.

Hermoine C. from Cainta, Rizal Philippines AUGUST 15, 2007
Well I hope I will be like them. Not a failure as what the other thought...it was just a matter of time

Avanti from India AUGUST 15, 2007
A very inspiring story...Way to go!

Sahiba A. from Udaipur, India AUGUST 13, 2007
It is a superb story!

Cheryl H. from North Carolina, USA AUGUST 8, 2007
Your story is a testament to a mother's love for her children. How very blessed you two girls were.

Reena D. from Chennai, India AUGUST 7, 2007
Really a inspiring story to build in confidence. To enjoy the success in its real form one needs to go through failure.

Denise A. from Philippines AUGUST 5, 2007
I am very much inspired by your story...

Sukhsohit S. from Chandigarh, India AUGUST 4, 2007
Every failure is a stepping stone to a greater success and every success is a failure turned upside down. It's when you are disheartend and every thing seems blue, it's then when you must not quit and keep going through. Your story testifies this. Indeed a motivating and inspiring story.

Allelly S. from Batangas, Philippines AUGUST 3, 2007
Great story. People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be.

Sherub T. from Bhutan JULY 29, 2007
Very encouraging one, it shows hard work is always rewarded and education is perseverance.

William F from OK, USA JULY 23, 2007
The details (the failures) never overturn the Principles (That We Are All Successes).

Sophia M from South Africa, Pretoria JULY 13, 2007
I am very touched by this story and it made me realize the agony that we put our parents through.

Jacob Geronimo from Indiana JULY 12, 2007
Wow.. that is a really good.

Pushkar B from India JULY 8, 2007
Every successful person has a painful story...every painful story has a successful ending...Really an inspirational story to learn

Haze A from Philippines JULY 7, 2007
It was a touching story to be inspired by young people who are struggling to live in this world of reality.

Raashi T from India JUNE 30, 2007
it's been a pleasure to read this story and gain strength, really failures are the pillar of success.

May M M from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania JUNE 21, 2007
It's amazing how our parents can put all their trust in us no matter what. We owe them.

Ammu S. from Kerala, India JUNE 20, 2007
Failure is definitely followed by victory. Bonu is a very good example. Credit shares with Ma. Really, really, really an inspiring story.

Anna B from Montreal, Quebec MAY 30, 2007
Very good story to boost confidence in students.

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