Vincent C


My hero is my nephew, Vinnie. In his senior year, 2005, he was in an accident and lost his left leg. His right leg was smashed as well. He was due to graduate in less than a month. While in intensive care, he would ask for all his friends and family to come in to see him. He constantly told everyone that he would be alright. While laying there, he was keeping everyone else going. After numerous surgeries and an extensive stay in the hospital, he is home doing his own style of recovery, which is driving (automatic) and continuing to live his life as he always did before. My nephew is an inspiration to all of us. He never gave up hope, his character for perseverance and determination has shown through in everything he does and still attempts to do. In a week he will have his prosthetic leg and he continuously amazes all of us with what would have held so many people back. My nephew is my hero, he always reminds me that anyone can rise above and through determination and belief in yourself, be anything that you want to be.

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