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I have chosen my grandfather, Johnny, as my all-time hero. When you talk about perseverance, patience, and joy, grandpa was the epitome of all these. When my dad was two weeks old, Grandpa, a caboose man on the Rock Island Line, fell off the caboose and was run over by the train. He survived, although he was a quadriplegic. I would visit Grandpa, and he would try to speak. I am the only one who could understand him. He could not speak, but we communicated through gestures and movements that he could make with one arm. He always listened to the St. Louis Cardinals ball games and smiled when they scored. Before I'd leave, he'd give me a tight hand squeeze, and then a facial expression as if to say, "Oh, I didn't hurt you, did I?" Day after day for 57 years he sat looking out his window and listening to the ball game. He became my hero because his heart was always joyful, even under circumstances that would probably make the average person grumpy and depressed. My hero: my grandpa.

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Irene H. from Taiwan FEBRUARY 8, 2009
Congratulations! I am so happy for you. I hope I can graduate soon, like you, too.

John M. from Swizerland JULY 17, 2008
It pushed me to see the far-reaching of my dreams.

Kim A. from Ar., USA JUNE 5, 2008
I loved your story. You will inpire many people by telling it and give them alot of encourgement to pursue their own goals in education as well.

Paul T from Norwich, UK MAY 7, 2008
Excellent - what are you going to do with your new skills & experience?

Minnie V. from Irvine, California USA FEBRUARY 29, 2008
I just want to say Congratulations on your achievement. I am proud of you. Education is the most important thing that no one can take away from you. I graduated last May, 2007 and it was the beginning and happiest time of my life. The hard work and determination put into it is something I will never forget for the rest of my life. As my name was called to received my degree, I just wanted to cry because I never thought that my dreams would be realized. All it takes is believing in yourself. So thanks for sharing your story. Keep believing.

Brandon S. from Hayden, Idaho USA FEBRUARY 5, 2008
I am going to send this to everybody I know. This is a truly inspirational story(-:

Yoman Q. from Baghdad, Iraq JANUARY 28, 2008
50 huh? Well better late then never!!!

Justin T. from Arizona, USA JANUARY 22, 2008
That is the best story I have ever read.

Jo N. from Jacksonville, Florida USA JANUARY 15, 2008
Good job! Makes me think I can do it too! I'm plugging along with the prerequisites for nursing and I'm 55. Math is daunting but I'll get through it eventually. Thanks for sharing!

Jo N. from Jacksonville, Florida, USA JANUARY 15, 2008
Good job! Makes me think I can do it too! I'm plugging along with the pre-requisites for nursing and I'm 55. Math is daunting but I'll get through it eventually. Thanks for sharing.

Nathalia M. from San Salvador, El Salvador JANUARY 2, 2008
Thanks this has served as a prime motivation to continue fighting against obstacles in life. Thanks also to all of you who comment on the story, very inspiring as well, KEEP ON FIGHTING that should be our motto.

Tiffany H. from Arkansas USA DECEMBER 17, 2007
you were determined to do something and you did it, that is something to be proud of.

Tamoge .M. from Kisii,KENYA. DECEMBER 7, 2007
your story is really encouraging.

Navdeep A. from India NOVEMBER 19, 2007
Courage is the first human quality which guarantees the others. I am really proud of you and I really want to give you standing ovation. Well done!

Nneka P. from Port-Harcour, Nigeria OCTOBER 24, 2007
Your dream is a dream well lived, despite the fears, you over looked them because you are looking at the glory that will follow at the end. I love that because am even planning to go back to school.

Lord A. from Accra, Ghana OCTOBER 15, 2007
Finding your site is a great blessing to me. I have never found a site with such great inspirational words. It's true that learning is a treasure.

Emma T. from Philippines SEPTEMBER 25, 2007
Congratulations! The courage and determination in you is so real that it touches the heart of those people who have read it!

Deepak R. from India SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
A dream is not one that you see when you are asleep, its what keeps you awake. You stood awake and fullfilled your dream. I salute your "never say never again" sprit.

Treyvon M. from North Carolina, USA SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
Very touching...who wrote this story?

Christine B, from Marianna, Arizona USA SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
Wonderful story, an inspiration too all.

Mrinal P. from Assam, India SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
Excellent! Thanks for such an inspirational story.

Antonio L. from Compostela Valley, Philippines SEPTEMBER 8, 2007
An inspring story to everyone out there faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Kudos to you!

Vivian O. from Lagos, Nigeria SEPTEMBER 1, 2007
Sweet story, though your arm was broken you never give up. I like that. ThanksT

Sifiso, S. from Johannesburg, South Africa AUGUST 31, 2007
I am moved!

Yuenwa from Hong Kong AUGUST 30, 2007
You deserve it! Congratulations!! I also just graduated and am struggling if I should fight for my dream or just get a job that's stable because everyone around me tells me to. Your story inspired me, thanks a lot!

Ramya AUGUST 29, 2007
Your Friend & Family might be very proud of you and so am I. It's never too late for a new start!

Sushpa B. from kolkata, India AUGUST 28, 2007
It's absolutely great!

Josh M. from Kenya AUGUST 23, 2007
This is a great encouragement for me because I was thinking of going back to school yet I felt a sort of embarrassment. Now am going to do it because I have known it is something that can be done.

Mark L. from Philippines AUGUST 22, 2007
It moved me.

Asim J. from Pakistan AUGUST 18, 2007
Absolutely amazing. This story has really lifted my morale up...thanks!

Hermoine C. from Cainta, Rizal Philippines AUGUST 15, 2007
Our story seems familiar it is just a matter of perseverance.

Wendy G. from Australia AUGUST 14, 2007
I have just completed a university course in my 40's and feel fantastic. Such an achievement along that unpredictable journey of life!

Sebi T. from St. Louis, Missouri, USA AUGUST 13, 2007
This is really an inspiring story that I would like to share with my friends! I salute your persistence!

Joe Peter V. from Philippines AUGUST 10, 2007
It is a very inspiring story-- "never say die" attitude.

Ariheihi from Uganda AUGUST 4, 2007
He who will eat a kernel must crack the nut. And you must strive to succeed.

Joyce N. from Winterveldt, South Africa AUGUST 1, 2007
Thank you so much I have learned that nothing comes easy in life, one must work hard and be strong as you did thank you for what you did!

Mary from Thailand AUGUST 1, 2007
Thanks for sharing your inspirational story...I hope I have courage to do that such things!

paul from Nigeria JULY 26, 2007
kudos,some times it seems the journey is too far but a journey of thousand miles begins with a step. Try and fail but never fail to try.

Cosmas K from Kuching, Malaysia JULY 25, 2007
As the saying goes, "There's a Will, there's a Way", it proves to me despite the obstacles & hurdles in life things are achievable. Bravo to you!

madupela J.L from Johannesburg South Africa JULY 17, 2007
The story just remind me that for everything that you passionately want,dont allow any obstacles to ruin it...its yours.

Solomon Adane A from Addis Ababa Ethiopia JULY 8, 2007
After passing lots of obstacles, I have now earned my first degree and am on the final year of my second degree. But something was holding me back from finishing it. Your story has helped me alot and i am sure i am going to make it again.

Jovie S from Baguio, Philippines JULY 3, 2007
this article or story helps me to lift up my mind.

Alexander M.Q. from Belize JUNE 19, 2007
Education is the best thing that was placed on my way because it did help in the future, so do your best and it will payoff. THANKS!

Kalli P from Indonesia JUNE 13, 2007

Frances B from Dundalk, Ireland JUNE 3, 2007
I graduated from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland last year. Boy was it testing, in fact, under your circumstances, I'm amazed you did it. Congrats!

Sunny from Ghaziabad, India MAY 29, 2007
Just wanna say, Great!

Sukhsohit S from Chandigarh, India MAY 28, 2007
"if something is hard to achieve, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't means that you must try harder"... your story testifies this, it's indeed a thought provoking & inspiring story. Thanx for sharing your experiences with us.

Anushka R from Trinidad and Tobago MAY 24, 2007
A very uplifting story. Your determination to complete what you started regardless of the obstacles placed in front of you was amazing.

Egessa J from Tororo, Eastern Uganda MAY 23, 2007
Thanks for the sharing. It was timely for me as an orphan and have to make it in life from scratch

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