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My hero is my mother and pastor. She is one of the greatest people, I think, to ever live. She is the best listener in the world. She lives and breathes to make sure I am a success for my kids. She always listens to all of my problems and gives me the best advice even if I don't agree. She is not biased. She is an inspiration to me. She was a single mom who fought to give my sister and me a better life. She kept us in church and allowed us to live our own life under her direction. Though we did not come out perfect, she loves us anyway I dedicate my dreams to her. When I finish college after I had dropped out and had kids, I'm going to show her I was listening. I might have steered away, but I remembered her love through all and her love put me back on track!

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Edwin M. from MIAMI , FLORIDA APRIL 14, 2009
That person that let you stay is incredible and she supported that person even though she didn't have to. Awesome and good for them!!!!

K.J. from Ohio MARCH 26, 2009
That is wonderful. I love people like that!!!

Frank G. from Vermont SEPTEMBER 24, 2008
That is so cool!

Rao S. from Pune JUNE 18, 2008
So kind of the landlady.

Esther from Nova Scotia MAY 19, 2008
Nice story. You were lucky to have found that special landlady. I can see her providing some food, clothing & even some electricity & use of your phone. However not collecting the rent??? I guess she didn't have a mortgage to pay, as after 3 months, banks don't listen to heartfelt stories but only check their computer which spits out messages, i.e., TIME TO FORECLOSE, TIME TO ADVERTISE TO SELL IT AT AUCTION, forcing mortgage holders into bankruptcy to become homeless themselves. I know this becasue I've been there.There is no sin in being homeless. It is an experience to learn from, to share, to become humble and move on. Bless all that can do that and be happy and become a better person for it as some have done.

Minnie V. from Irvine, California USA FEBRUARY 29, 2008
What a touching story! Bless this landlady. I'm glad she was there for you when you needed that one true person in your life who truly believed in you. It's very seldom nowadays you meet such genuine, kind person.

Rayona W. from Jamaica FEBRUARY 26, 2008
Interesting story. Hats off and may you continue to be blessed.

Alfred C. from Malawi FEBRUARY 3, 2008
Your faith kept you safe. May you be blessed together with that wonderful lady (helper). Thats encouraging!!

Macbarh A. from India JANUARY 1, 2008
There is still love in the world. Those who want to really work in the world they nice of that lady who helped the needy person.

Ambet C. from Philippines DECEMBER 29, 2007
Thats a nice story. Everything in this world has been written already. We just have to believe in ourselves. That is why "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." We are already blessed we only need to work on it!

Stephen B. from Houston, Texas USA DECEMBER 18, 2007

Ruby A. from USA OCTOBER 25, 2007
Truly an angel was amongst you! Obviously, one good soul recognized another good soul! She not only had faith and persistence with you, but for you to go through 104 interviews is also an amazing feat of persistance. May you all always be blessed with love and good fortune.

Clarita, C.A. from Melbourne, Australia SEPTEMBER 20, 2007
Wow! What a remarkable landlady she was, you seldom find or see people like this, who take care of strangers like you said you were but still accepted you with wide open arms. We must remember to reciprocate her kindness and love, "pay it forward to others."

Mirugi, M. from Kenya SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
Great person in the world who seems to be an angel!

Wheng S. from Philippines SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
What a touching story. I remember my experience in IloIlo...I also had a similar story like you. We are blessed.

Juliana from Canada AUGUST 29, 2007
Wow! You are very fortunate to have a "Mother Theresa" for a landlady! As a Social Work student, I have read the appalling statistics people being homeless and going hungry...As mentioned by another reader, you hang on to this landlady and repay her kindness either directly or pay it forward to the next person in need :)

Hermoine C. from Cainta, Rizal Philippines AUGUST 15, 2007
What a land lady!

June G. from Jamaica AUGUST 14, 2007
Truly there are great heros everywhere and that land lady is one. She was not on any of the leading news stations but in her own small corner she did great. And you keep up the job. Hug your daughter daily.

Osas from Nigeria AUGUST 14, 2007
If everyone can act like this, this world will be a better place. She's blessed.

P.N.subramaniam from Hyderabad - India JULY 24, 2007
May God bless that lady always for extending sincere help to the needy as a mission in her life instead of considering her life as an intermission.

Kevin A from Ghana JULY 18, 2007
Well there it is ! I dare say the life you save today may be yours tomorrow.

A. Kefas from Nigeria JULY 16, 2007
He who water someone, shall also be watered. This woman will never lack anything.

nikky from delhi JULY 15, 2007
Its an inspiration for our country such women or persons are given equal status to that "Annapurna devi"; the goddess that feeds everybody in need.

S.R.Tyagi from Noida, India JULY 6, 2007
There are some moments in each one's life when you feel very low. At that moment you need some one to hold your hand, and bring your faith back in fighting the odds...truly a touching story

Lucy W M from Sibu. Malaysia JUNE 26, 2007
See in the landlady what we can do to ease the pain of many at our side, for those who go underfed, cold, unemployed and in difficulties...Bless this landlady..

Marie from Philippines JUNE 25, 2007
it so great to help others in our own little way... and make them happy in our own simple way...

Jensilyne T. from Philippines JUNE 19, 2007
Wow! Quite a story..I myself am unemployed at the moment..and everyday is like a torture to me, I still have food to eat and a bed to sleep on and all the water and electricity I'll ever need, under my parent's house that is..but the mere fact of not having your own money and dignity to live by is such a torment..if I were you, hold on to that landlady and try to give back every now and then what little you have just to make her feel appreciated well for her rare kindness and understanding..

Megie C. from Poblacion, Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines JUNE 17, 2007
I salute to this landlady because of her sincerity and extend her helping hands to other people...

Jasvinder K JUNE 15, 2007
really commendable hats off

Kathleen K from Winnetka JUNE 10, 2007
What a wonderful woman

Stella M from Nairobi, Kenya MAY 22, 2007
Surely, there's a drop of greatness in such a landlady! The hand that gives is the hand that receives. May this come true for her.

Fernandes from Pakistan APRIL 28, 2007
Yes, there are many people in this world who go out of their way to help people, just like this landlady. She's [an] angel...An inspiring story!

andrew agaba from burundi APRIL 20, 2007
oh wonderful woman

Kshitij Dhawan from Delhi APRIL 19, 2007
Truly inspiring

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