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Carol is the director of P.A.C.T. (Partner Against Crime Team Mentoring Program) where she connects mentors with youths on probation who need a positive influence in an attempt to turn their life around. She treats the troubled youngsters with respect and dignity. Long hours are selflessly dedicated to keep the program alive and effective.

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Jonathan. J from Georgia OCTOBER 30, 2009
Thia is a great example of human kindness and not blind religion helping out a fellow person in need. We need to be nice to our fellow man and neighbor not because of our religion but because we are all fighting a battle and everyone needs encouragement.

Linda, Z from Edwards, Colorado OCTOBER 24, 2009
I hope that these inspiring stories will inspire me to be a better person.

Ravi P. from Sherman Oaks JUNE 22, 2009
Neat story! I can certainly relate to and draw from your experiences, as I'm undergoing a similar transformation. Why the "Namaste"?

Hetty from Netherlands MAY 1, 2009
Namaste dear writer and thanks for sharing your wonderful ongoing experience and thanks for believing 'Brat' when he believed in you !

Tammy H. from Michigan MARCH 28, 2009
People are not bad. Maybe they have made a bad choice but people often define that person by that one moment in time. Love people, give them a second chance.

Karen F. from Massachusetts, USA MARCH 23, 2008
What an amazing commentary on the power contained within all of us to make the difference in someone's life. Many times we forget that prisoners are humans with potential too, and capable of positive change. This just goes to show that kind words and deeds are never wasted. Namaste.

Cindy B. from Rock Springs,Wyoming USA JANUARY 29, 2008
Bravo to you! If only others could SEE as you were able to see when your correctional officer spoke to you. Just think, Drug abuse would be something of the past for many people. You must have great vision!! Thank you I will pass this story on.

Miguel M. from Tucson, Arizona USA JANUARY 28, 2008
Perhaps it only takes one person to believe in us to do great things. Believe in others, and they will come to believe in you and this way everyone will be able to achieve their dreams.

Benedicte S. from Johannesburg, South Africa SEPTEMBER 21, 2007
It takes just one person, a kind word - for a person to feel 1000 times "big" - and able to carry on "FREE"

Stacy R. from Chicago, Illinois USA SEPTEMBER 17, 2007
Thanks for sharing...your story is a wonderful reminder that while people make bad choices, they are not bad people. We ALL have worth and purpose in life, it just may take some time and help to find it. Good luck to you!

Ruth M. from Brooklyn, New York USA SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
Thank you for your story. It's beautiful. I loved it so much that I will pass it to a loved one that is in prison at this present time so it an minister to him.

Vyshu from Hyderabad, India SEPTEMBER 3, 2007
Your story is very inspiring...may lots of Laurels come into your life.

London, United Kingdom AUGUST 26, 2007
Like you I spent many years in jail and entertaining addictions. I too met a wonderful 'earth angel' who saw in me all the things I couldn't even see in myself. I am now a mother, an artist and free. Stay blessed, take care and always remember how special you are.

Tracey from Newcastle, Australia AUGUST 20, 2007
Fantastic and inspiring.

Alice M. from California, USA AUGUST 1, 2007
This is exactly what we need to teach our youth at a young age: self-worth, believing in one another, inspiring one another.

Anonymous JULY 20, 2007
Your story is inspiring and gives a mother hope for her son. May the Lord Bless you and those whose life you touch.

Balmuri.K. from Meghalaya, India JULY 3, 2007
Dear Author, Your story has not only been an inspiration but a light in my darkest hours. Im captivated by the strength you possess and the self realisation that you gathered.. you have taught us that there is humbleness in pride, and that's what makes you a better man.

Abhishek from India JULY 3, 2007
hello friend, it is great to see that you have the wisdom to understand and share such a inspiring story with us, carry on

Teresa K. from Redmond, Oregon USA JUNE 27, 2007
Congratulations on your success!

Anonymous JUNE 27, 2007
To 'Lee F.' -- I know you can do it! Hang in there. And I bet you are of more value to others than you even realize. Most of us are and we just don't know it. :-)

Glad-Noel R from Cebu, Philippines JUNE 26, 2007
Great transition! ^_^

Lee F. from Southeast, USA JUNE 19, 2007
Your lovely story gives me faith that I may yet be of value to others who, as I, have had a hard time "making it". Thanks

Dina H from Cairo, Egypt JUNE 17, 2007
Sometimes you see great things in a person who just stopped believing. This story just gave me hope that one day the person I love, would see why I really believe in him. Thanks for having the time to share.

Sheikh A from India JUNE 12, 2007
Dear Writer, It is highly inspiring the way you wrote this small piece having immense meaning, and more importantly, a great deep lesson for one and all. May this piece reach all those who will take benefit from it. This is a rare piece.

Sheikh A from India JUNE 12, 2007
Dear Writer, It is highly inspiring the way you wrote this small piece having immense meaning and more importantly a great deep lesson for one and all. May this piece will reach to all those who will take benefit from it.

Luna S. from Polomolok, Philippines MAY 29, 2007
Your story is so touching. It squeezed my heart reading it...Maraming Salamat (thank you) to your story.

Kazz W from New Zealand MAY 23, 2007
Wow, what a powerful story. I'm so touched and stirred. Your story is a prime example of how kindness to another pays off. And what a wonderful person "BRAT" must of been. The world would truly be a better place if there were more people like him. I wish you well on your journey in have given me inspiration. Arohanui (much love)

Abdul M from Pakistan MAY 18, 2007
wow~ I was kinda mixed up with true purpose of life these days. Your story has been a great help... Thanks for sharing it with us. Take care.

maha letchmy from johor bahru,malaysia MAY 10, 2007
how sweet... I am definitely gonna shower love to those around me, with sincerity!!!

kranhti from india APRIL 27, 2007
(i got tears in me eyes) it's really inspirational.

Samia L from Canada APRIL 16, 2007
That was a great story! It's amazing how you overcame your addictions and helped others, all because of one small being. It's wonderful how one person can have such a great effect on your life.

jaspar arthur from agra MARCH 23, 2007
Dear Writer! I hope that you are fine. I love your way of expressing life. You are really a great feeler. You write very well and reality is what makes your writing precious. Take care and bye!

Anonymous MARCH 21, 2007
Your story is so inspiring!! My story is very similar. Except I was the little girl that saw it all. Now I work with teens that are on drugs and try to make them see there are two roads to take, the easy one or the hard one. Thanks for your story!! God Bless!!

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