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She's my favorite teacher. She's taught me so many things throughout the years that I've had her. It would be really neat if she would be nominated as someone's hero, just like she is to me.

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Jeannie B. from Palatine, IL JULY 22, 2009
Every time I read or hear something as wonderful as this I can't help but cry because it's so beautiful. And now she's a little angel watching over her parents. She did more in her short life than people who have lived for decades upon decades.

Christopher B. from Miami, Fl MAY 12, 2009
So touching. It's making me fall apart inside. I think its a good thing because there's a lot of people with cancer and so many are dieing and there's no cure for this virus its killing a lot of people.

Gurati K. from Abuja. Nigeria APRIL 5, 2009
I love this story, I hope it inspires others as it did to me.

Mike H. from Newfoundland, Canada APRIL 1, 2009
Alex's amazing life reminds me of what truly is important in this world! She did so much with very little. Bless her and her parents!

Jose Diaz from Miami, Florida MARCH 30, 2009
I hope that one day they find a cure for cancer so that doesn't have to happen again.

Jose D.M. from Miami, Florida MARCH 26, 2009
It's amazing that what she did because she had just been sick and she did that in so many ways.

Diana M. from Bell MARCH 16, 2009

Jaimie B. from California MARCH 14, 2009
I can't believe the spirit and determination of this little girl! What a beautiful, kind heart. And yes, we could all learn something from her.

Wendy F. from Vermont FEBRUARY 19, 2009
Yahoo to the beautiful spirit of Alex and her family's telling of the story! It made my day-

James F. from Riverdale, NJ FEBRUARY 18, 2009
What an inspiration! This teaches us all something. That rather than wallowing in self pity she helped others and in doing so helped herself! We can all learn from this.

V.E.G. from Chicago, IL FEBRUARY 4, 2009
This is truly one of the most moving things I have ever heard. Bless Alex's generous spirit. Kudos to her parents for raising such a little girl.

Leona S. from Barbados FEBRUARY 3, 2009
This is just beautiful. Tears aside, What a beautiful and generous spirit.

BM from Canada JANUARY 14, 2009
I thought it was a good story because Alex was raising money for the hospital.

Sheila R. from Port Orchard, Washington DECEMBER 1, 2008
What a great story and an inspiring, brave little girl. She is an angel. Thank you Alex!

Anonymous NOVEMBER 30, 2008
Amazing, touched me to my core.

Cydney S. from Mcminnville OR NOVEMBER 18, 2008
we need more Alex's in this world!!!! You go girl!!!

April from Arizona NOVEMBER 14, 2008
I'm listing to this at work and I almost cried. The power of love is amazing.

Tyler W. from McMinnville, Oregon NOVEMBER 4, 2008

Hannah C. from Charlton, NY OCTOBER 28, 2008
Wow. I have been thinking about setting up something small to fight breast cancer, but I was scared that I would fail to raise an honorable amount. This story just showed me that it doesn't matter. Now, I'm gonna get out there and do it. Alex, you're an angel sweetie!

Bryan B from Yonkers, New York OCTOBER 20, 2008
Wow is the only word I can say to this. My friend lost her mom to cancer and this is something I really wish she could have heard before she died. Alex, thank you for all you have done in this world. You were truly a miracle and gift. Thank you so so so much for sharing your heart!

Jovan R. from Yonkers OCTOBER 7, 2008
Beautiful story.

P.T from Utah OCTOBER 5, 2008
I'm crying as I listen to this touching. This little girl has touched me.

Anonymous SEPTEMBER 3, 2008
This is so touching, I love it!

Jennifer S. from Cheyenne, Wyoming USA AUGUST 26, 2008
Wow is the only word I can say to this. My friend lost her mom to cancer and this is something I really wish she could have heard before she died. Alex, thank you for all you have done in this world. You were truly a miracle and gift. Thank you so so so much for sharing your heart!

Jessi M. from Pembroke, MA AUGUST 19, 2008
This is truly an amazing story. So so so inspirational. Never underestimate.

Theresa O from High River JULY 29, 2008
This story truly gave me goosebumps. Alex you were a gift from GOD. The unconditional love & hope you have shown has changed many lives. Thank You for being you!!!!

Ashley R. from Lyndeborough, NH JULY 14, 2008
Wow, never underestimate what someone can do, huh? Very inspiring.

William W. from Indianapolis, IN JULY 10, 2008
Alex is a perfect example of humility. Her actions were not motivated by anything other than her willingness to give even in the light of her own prognosis. She is truly an angel. We would do well for ourselves to learn from Alex. She is truly an inspiration.

Melissa G. from Sacramento, CA APRIL 25, 2008
I am so inspired and deeply moved by Alex. I hope it is realized that she truly lives on in the hearts and good deeds she passes on, paying it forward.

Marg from Calgary APRIL 8, 2008
You were "touched by an angel"!

Steve G. from Myrtle Beach, SC APRIL 8, 2008
There is a hand on your shoulder as it is holding Alexs' heart. Bless you and your family, your story transcends time and builds foundation for hope! Thank you...

Sheila D., from Virginia Beach, VA APRIL 4, 2008
This is such an amazing story and about an amazing little angel who touched so many peoples lives in such a short time how brave to reach out for others to save lives when she was losing her own. True heros in a world were hero is thrown around on TV and games lightly she is the real true meaning of hero. Thank you Alexandra your star is shinning bright...

Amanda G. from Cabot, AR MARCH 12, 2008
Alex must have been an angel! That is the way I would picture an angel to be. That story truley inspires me!

Kristina T. from Seattle, Washington USA FEBRUARY 5, 2008
This is absolutely amazing. This story has inspired me so much! Thank you for giving me hope for this world again:) This sincerity and love is so hard to find nowadays.

Dr Luis Fernando B from Brazil JANUARY 15, 2008
There's no age to start showing our best feelings. Alex, you are sent from Heaven!!!

Brandi M. from Ontario, Canada JANUARY 1, 2008
Such an angel sent from Heaven. It is so wonderful to see what comes from LOVE. Thank you.

Lee from Phoenix, Arizona USA DECEMBER 16, 2007
What a wonderful and amazing little girl!

Lyndamarie Mc from Calgary, Alberta, Canada DECEMBER 7, 2007
Very touching and incredibly inspiring,, shows that is not the time you Brought tears to my eyes to hear the emotion in the parents voices.

Piper W. from Lava Hot Springs, Idaho USA NOVEMBER 21, 2007
I LOVE YOU ALEX! You are so brave!

Eddie L. from Inverness, Florida OCTOBER 30, 2007
oh my goodness what a blessing that little lady was.

Jamie S. from Illinois, USA OCTOBER 22, 2007
Alex inspires others, it is amazing what a small act of kindness does for others! Way to pass on such compassion.

Rahul M. from Hyderabad, India OCTOBER 19, 2007
Dear Alex your so generous. I think only a few will have a heart like you.

Lanlie L. from Philippines OCTOBER 15, 2007

K. Sani from India OCTOBER 15, 2007
Dear Alex, "Thank You."

Ravi T. from Hyderabad, Pakistan SEPTEMBER 15, 2007
Faith is the force of life as shown by Alex.

Cromwell V. from Manila, Philippines SEPTEMBER 12, 2007
It's amazing how angels can change our outlook in life!

Lovelia C. from Costa Rica SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
HOPE is there for us to grab it!

Briana W. from Annapolis, Maryland USA SEPTEMBER 9, 2007
I'm so glad I took the time to listen. So inspiring to us all!

Dr. Purva C. from Mumbai, India SEPTEMBER 9, 2007
Alex, sweetheart, you are a STAR! You are indeed immortal. You are an inspiration for the World. Thanks!

Shankar D. from Cuttack, Orissa, India SEPTEMBER 5, 2007
Alex has set an example for the mankind. She has shown the world the power of one.

Bhupesh from Mumbai, India SEPTEMBER 2, 2007
The story moisten my eyes. I wish many more people all over the world have the same courage and desire to match the passionate work by Alex.

Gaurana, J. from New York, USA AUGUST 29, 2007
"We should pray to the angels, for they are given to us as guardians." - St. Ambrose. Alex i believe you are an angel. Thank you for I am inspired...

Nakling G.L. from Indonesia AUGUST 22, 2007
Very inspiring. An undeterred girl strives for everybody's sake despite her own condition. Her story gives us a good lesson to ponder. Life is full of struggle!

Lisa B. from Willard, Ohio USA AUGUST 20, 2007
Beautiful story, touched my heart.

Suzanne W. from South Wales, Great Britain AUGUST 17, 2007
What a beautiful spirit you have Alex, I'm sure you're watching over your lemonade stand, taking care of everyone. Bless you and everyone your story touches. Selfless actions like yours truly touches hearts and souls. May we all take a leaf out of your book and show kindness and compassion to all people we come into contact with. What a special, beautiful, loving angel you are. May your actions live on always. XXXXX

Debby M. from Cebu, Philippines AUGUST 17, 2007
Wow. She's very brave. I was totally touched by this story. My grandfather died of cancer too and it was sad to see him dying without fighting.

Ma. Christine T. G. from Philippines AUGUST 16, 2007
Very inspiring true story, it made me realize that life is beautiful as you grow older with the inspiring people around you-my family, relatives and friends. Alex you changed the world into a better place to live in! You were a person with a geniune heart!

Colleen C. from Bremen, Germany AUGUST 16, 2007
Alex planted seeds of goodness and they will last an eternity. This story has changed lives and I think it might change mine! Thank you!

Mark W. from Warkworth, Auckland, New Zealand AUGUST 8, 2007
Reaching out to others, even in their sickness. My younger brother also died of caner at age 4. Thank you.

Maui from Philippines AUGUST 8, 2007
A great example for us. A brave kid, unselfish, and good spirit. An amazing story. Thanks for sharing.

philippines JULY 21, 2007
it's really an inspiring story hope that all people even the young one's will do the same as what she did...

Rita M from Nairobi-Kenya JULY 20, 2007
Touching..inspiring its amazing the kind of ripple effect Alex's actions have had great lesson for all humanity

ej villafranca from Philippines JULY 17, 2007
Wow its so very amazing story I gave my salute "Alex" for her Strength to fight her sickness.

Amanda W from Springfield, Mo JULY 10, 2007
As people are looking to adults to set the example, children are selling lemonade. May we all learn.

Ana L. D. from Davao, Philippines JULY 10, 2007
The life of Alex touches my heart and she give me strength in life.

Anil T. from Pune, India JULY 8, 2007
I am a Rotarian. Our club's struggling to do a mega project for want of funds. This story has inspired me to the extent that NOW I know we can achieve our goal.

Naina from Delhi, India JULY 3, 2007
A beautiful story of a beautiful girl....

Zaheer S from Bangalore, India JUNE 30, 2007
A True Inspiring Story....

Paul M from Bahrain JUNE 28, 2007
wow....angel Alex.. did more in those few years, than most people could do in all their life time...

Parthasarathy R V from Bangalore, India JUNE 26, 2007
Alex is quite an inspiring model for others to imbibe. Thanks for sharing her effort.

L R from Melbourne, Australia JUNE 25, 2007
Angel touched our hearts.

Jaxwell M from Paris JUNE 20, 2007
It is really an inspiring message for all of us to learn lesson from

Mohammed F from Iasi, Romania JUNE 20, 2007
This is an inspiring story of a really beautiful girl, in heart and soul. Bless her.

Sukanta D from Bangalore, INDIA JUNE 19, 2007
Really a Inspiring Story, Alex always be remembered.

Gian P from Cebu, Philippines JUNE 12, 2007
All the words I read and listened to can now touch all the hearts in this world.

Janice M from Rockingham, Western Australia JUNE 3, 2007
It's so easy to remain complacent and never really try something - this story shows how each journey starts with a single step.

Sugeyry N. from Paterson, NJ MAY 29, 2007
Your story brought tears to my eyes. Because in life there are people who go through their down falls and can't get up. And this little girl kept her head up, stood strong on her ground through one of the toughest things you could encounter in life. She passed on to the next life being remember by someone who's never meet her. But her bravery, strength, ambition will always be remembered Alexandra Alex Scott who will always be remembered by Sugeyry who's heart she touched. thank you!

Ohio, United States MAY 29, 2007
Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful story! Alex was such a brave girl, and it's people like her that inspire me to do great things! Thank you again!

Malak K from Syria MAY 29, 2007
it's amazing to know there are people like that...beautiful story..

Hayley from South Africa MAY 29, 2007
beautifull!!!! amazing!!!!!! inspiring!!!!!!

Tina G. from Philippines MAY 29, 2007
very inspiring...

KC from Gibraltar MAY 27, 2007
Thank you, Alex and family for inspiring me amid life's overwhelming rush.

Steve F MAY 27, 2007
Us adults should follow the unselfish actions of Alex. Thanks for the powerful message your action sent to the world.

Monica W from Nevis, West Indies MAY 26, 2007
Great inspiring story..

rod from Philippines MAY 23, 2007
Inspiring and amazing story.

Akanksha from India MAY 21, 2007
A kid is the reflection of his/her are all really beautiful people!

Gaudencia K. MAY 19, 2007
The message is amazing

Sahil L from New Delhi MAY 18, 2007
highly inspiring, just amazing.

Celeste M from San Francisco, CA MAY 15, 2007
Hope is always something we need to have no matter what is going on with us. Gratitude for life is an important part of hope.

Hazel Walters from Grenada MAY 13, 2007
Very inspiring and encouraging.

kim h from miami fl MAY 13, 2007
thank you for sharing

Theresa P from Hymera, Indiana, USA MAY 10, 2007
May Alex's generosity teach us all that we all have purpose. I have visited Alex's Lemonade Stand in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Eleanor S. from Hudson Valley, New York MAY 10, 2007
Alex was truly a Special Gift. A beautiful tribute to a sweet little girl. My heart was so touched by this story.

Diana R from California MAY 8, 2007
Wow! She's a true inspiration and example for all of us!

traci f from ohio, usa MAY 7, 2007
Awesome story! What a brave little girl!

abigail n from south africa MAY 7, 2007
It's just so amazing. I can't keep my tears in.

Philippines MAY 7, 2007
So amazing what a little kid can do. Very brave and unselfish. Thanks for sharing.

Botha from South Africa MAY 6, 2007
May it be so much more than just a story, may it continue to touch lives and teach us how to appreciate the small, simple things in every day but also never to lose hope..hope keeps us alive..hope that comes from within.

Turkey MAY 5, 2007
Thanks for sharing. It's really good

anshu b from ranchi india MAY 5, 2007
very touching

P.R. Luthra from Chandigarh.. India MAY 3, 2007
great story and great idea...really stimulating...

Renesse B. from Tacoma,Wa. APRIL 30, 2007
A reminder to us all. Where there is a will there is a way. Thank you for sharing!!!

Kristan F. from Minnesota APRIL 30, 2007
Bless Alex and you.

Vinicius V. from Brasil APRIL 27, 2007
A lesson of humanity for us ALL to learn from.

haseebuddin from hyderabad,india APRIL 26, 2007
it's really mind blowing...

Oluwole A. from Lagos, Nigeria APRIL 25, 2007
Trilled, and touched

SkS from Patna, Bihar, India APRIL 14, 2007
Simply brave >>>

Joao G. from Savannah, GA APRIL 11, 2007
When your heart leads what you do, eventually you will touch other hearts. Great job, Alexandra Scott.

Rowland S. from Cape Cod, MA APRIL 1, 2007

kaps from delhi MARCH 29, 2007
its very good

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