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Due is a teacher of English in an inner-city, very diverse high school in New Jersey. She recently led her students to self-publish their own book of poetry and teach younger kindergarten and first grade students in surrounding communities to read and do other worthwhile projects inside the classroom. She did this all on her own dumping her own monies into the project. She has done all of this while attending Columbia as a graduate student. And it was where she led her students to read for the first time in public at their Columbia's School of Teaching (NYC.)

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Christopher B. from Miami, Fl MAY 12, 2009
Such a good story. Truly inspiring. Thanks Brooke.

Eva G. from Porto, Portugal MAY 2, 2009
Thanks Brooke, you are beautiful

Anderson de S. from Colatina - ES, Brasil MARCH 27, 2009
Brooke, your story is incredible. Brooke, sua história é incrível.

Felipe D. from Miami, Florida MARCH 19, 2009
Such a Wonderful story.

Tricia from Canada DECEMBER 16, 2008
Dear Brooke, after hearing your story, you have given me hope and faith knowing that nothing is impossible... you are truly the most courageous Woman I know. Hearing this is a gift to me I am so proud of you.

Bryan B. from Yonkers, New York OCTOBER 7, 2008
When the going gets tough, the tough get going... and you have proved it. You are "the survivor"; your parents must be really pround of you.

Ian C. from Yonkers OCTOBER 7, 2008
Your story is so touching; I was feeling your pain. I'm so sorry, Brooke.

Jovan R. from Yonkers OCTOBER 7, 2008
Very beautiful. Thank you Brooke.

Florcita R. from Paraguay MAY 1, 2008
Thank you for sharing such a loving story, proof of unconditional love. I will share your story with my dear students.


B. MARCH 18, 2008
Nice going Brooke! I'm happy for you. Your very open and thanks for the sweet story it signifies great effort, determination, focus and a willingness to go on. It had inspired me somewhat to move on. Today I will commence a significant effort to make people aware that I'm capable of just about anything like a normal person.

Angel C. from Philippines DECEMBER 26, 2007
A story of courage and of faith. Seemingly unbelievable, but that's it, it is her story and I am so amazed! Brooke, thank you for sharing it. It is indeed an enlightenment to everyone.

Soumya S. from New Delhi, India NOVEMBER 19, 2007
Brooke, your story shook me well enough to stand up for a cause I was long deterred to. Thank you.

Abhinav from India OCTOBER 13, 2007
I'm inspired by your story. Thank you, Brooke, for opening my eyes and making me realize that nothing is impossible if you are seriously committed to it.

KHRIS P. from Williamstown, Vermont, USA OCTOBER 5, 2007
Wow! It takes a lot of willpower to accomplish what you have.

Joan, CJ., from Philippines SEPTEMBER 27, 2007
This is an amasing story, I was so touched hearing your experience in life. It really inspires me to do things which I think are imposible but are not. As long as there is life, determination, patience, nothing is imposible in this world. I salute you guys!

Tracey L. from California, USA SEPTEMBER 16, 2007
You and your mom are awe inspiring women. I will have my daughters listen to your story. I hope I can be half the mother you have and half the person you are. Thank you.

Cromwell V. from Manila, Philippines SEPTEMBER 13, 2007
Brooke, you have opened my eyes to new possibilities. You are the epitome of courage. Thank you for beiong a beacon of hope to all of us.

Bartelby, T. from Michigan, USA SEPTEMBER 10, 2007
I love Brooke. Yay! Children rock!

Timmy P. from Ohio, USA SEPTEMBER 10, 2007
Golly jeepers!

Karin M. from Philippines SEPTEMBER 8, 2007
Very inspiring:)Thanks Brooke!

Rudra B. from India SEPTEMBER 8, 2007
It Is Wounderful.

Mabima J. from Tanzania, Aulstralia AUGUST 22, 2007
It's so touching! Life is such a wonderful experience!

Chitra R. from Coimbatore, India AUGUST 4, 2007
Thank you for sharing your story of courage. You seem to be the image of courage to me. You renew our faith!

Kavi N. from Zambia AUGUST 3, 2007
Very inspiring. "The is no alternative to hard work," should be read!

Naz G. from Manila, Philippines AUGUST 1, 2007
I agree with the people who wrote in here. Your story is very inspiring. I am a mother of 2 boys and have recently gone back to school and it's not easy. Hearing your story has inspired me to go on with my ambition to be a teacher, and a better mum at the same time. Thank You for inspiring me!

ritch from philippines JULY 15, 2007
love you brooke!

Nila Robinson from Indonesia JULY 14, 2007
I have heard many stories before. There are stories that I easily forgot. This story is the one that I'll always remember. Thank you for sharing :-) That's the A+ that I would love to add for u.

rachelle from philippines JULY 14, 2007
Brooke, your so lucky having a very good mother like her. Remember, not all the people are given a nice mom. You owe her a lot. What you have now is because of your mother's effort who kept on inspiring you.

Krunal C. Vihanwala from Surat,India JULY 10, 2007
It is very easy to be common, but to be unique is difficult but not impossible.

Prakash K from Vairag, Solapur (India) JULY 9, 2007
Oh! Very inspiring story of a loving mother.

Rachel from Philiipines JUNE 27, 2007
Brooke, you are so great, have a loving mom, and I'm touched, and encouraged by your story. What a brave girl you are to face life.

Denise J. from Allendale, South Carolina USA JUNE 15, 2007
Very inspiring! Makes you want to appreciate life and who we are. This story made me want to get up, go back to school and continue to follow my dreams. Your mom is one of a kind!!! Thank you, Brooke.

Moises R from Philippines JUNE 15, 2007

Teresa K. from Redmond, Oregon JUNE 10, 2007
A very determined young lady! Brooke said she didn't know where she got such determination, but I think that it's obvious that that came from her supportive family. They were also quite determined to give her everything possible in spite of their troubles. It seems that determination was handed down from her parents.

Janice M from Rockingham, Western Australia JUNE 3, 2007
This story makes me wonder what characteristics I have not used to their full potential - because I wasn't tested to this level? Maybe, because I heard your story Brooke, I will persevere more. You are an inspiration.

Luna A. S. from Polomolok, PHILIPPINES MAY 29, 2007
Oh! You are one of a kind, Brooke!!!! Hardships and patience always test the time of our lives. You are the living example of hope. Your mom is so wonderful. She's indeed a strong woman. She is an inspiration to every mother of this world. It's a heartwarming story. I am so thankful reading your life.

Tina G. from Philippines MAY 29, 2007
I love your story...you made me realize how I love my mom so much...I admire you and your mom.

Gloria M from georgia MAY 28, 2007
This is truly inspiring, I am so going to have my grandchildren listen to this. You can do anything you want if you try hard enough.

Shelly G. from Philippines MAY 25, 2007
What an inspiring story! This only shows that "As long as there is life, there is hope." You have a great mom, her love is immeasurable!

Anonymous MAY 21, 2007
I am proud of you too!

Anonymous MAY 21, 2007
I am proud of you too!

Akanksha from India MAY 21, 2007
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going...and you have proved it. You are "the survivor"...your parents must be really proud of you. This is the biggest gift you have given them...and even though I don't know you...I am proud of you, Brooke.

Ramiro F from New Jersey, US MAY 16, 2007
Brooke, so much I could say, but I choose to tell you that "many are called but few are chosen" I am not only proud of you, I respect you. Hope to be like you someday.

Sharon R. from Jamaica MAY 10, 2007
Truly amazing for you both, continue to endure!

Olesya from Tashkent, Uzbekistan. MAY 9, 2007
So touching story! Thank you, Brooke! I'm glad I've heard that. I think it can help anyone to overcome difficulties in this life with honour.

Sonia M from Sydney, Australia MAY 5, 2007
That is incredible!! You are so special, Brooke - Your mum is a wonderful loving person !! Good on you !! How inspirational - love has made and ruled your life...

Tamara T from East APRIL 27, 2007

Oluwole A. from Lagos, Nigeria APRIL 25, 2007
Brooke Ellison, This is awesome, I am glad I heard this. I am very encouraged and challenged. Thank you!

Anonymous APRIL 20, 2007
Very insipring. Great job! What a wonderful, DEVOTED mom too!

Mike D. from Salt Lake City, Utah MARCH 26, 2007
Truly inspiring. Thanks Brooke.

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