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This dedication is in reference to your pass it on campaign. Each time I read your billboards I am inspired. I however am so inspired by a young woman I go to school with. This young woman, Ashley attends the same university as I do. She however attends this university by paying for it herself. When I see the hard work she puts into everything she does, it pushes me to go further. She is the first person in her family to attend college, and I am unable to comprehend how she is able to push herself so far when she seems to be doing it by herself. Whenever I feel as though I have worked myself to the bone, I remember Ashley, who works as a waitress and never complains. Each day she shows me what hard work is all about.

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riya JULY 31, 2016
it was quite intersting......

Miguel L. from McMinnville, OR NOVEMBER 16, 2009
I would feel the same way... but it a good thing to forgive other people so it doesn't hurt you inside.

Christopher B. from Miami, Fl MAY 12, 2009
Even though I'm young I've done the same thing. My girlfriend and I fight a lot and get mad of each other but overall we love each other.

Sherrice M from Washington DC NOVEMBER 13, 2008
Wow, I really needed to read this article. I had learned of a devastating incident in my family and it almost destroyed me. I learned, after my grandmothers death, to forgive regardless of the situation. Forgiveness has set me free.

Forgiveness is what registers our name in the life of another.

David Y. from USA AUGUST 26, 2008
What to do when you want understanding and forgiveness from someone else, for the mistakes of being "human?" Not sure...but to forgive them for their "human-ness" and to let go of the anger feels good. It is hard to do at first but it is the first step to healing, feeling good again, living life, and loving. Loving someone completely is loving their imperfections also. :)

Steven G. from Fresno, CA AUGUST 9, 2008
My wife and I have a lot of things that we have held on to from our past. I have come to forgive everything that she as done to me. I just hope that when she gets this she can do the same with me. Hate for someone else is a weakness in all relationships.

Jill Marie S. from St. Petersburg, Florida JULY 7, 2008
I am a five yr. cancer survivor. I was told once that anger is what generated my cancer. I ponder this often and know that I need to be aware of my "anger issues". I'm glad my daughter sent this weblink to me this morning.

Eileen H. from Plymouth, MA JUNE 3, 2008
It's much easier to forgive people whom you know care about you on some level; but I am finding it difficult to forgive those who hurt me intentionally and who don't really care. I know it will give me great relief to forgive, but I just can't find it, as this point. I really wish I could... perhaps this site will help me.

Shazzae from USA MAY 31, 2008
That article was very beautiful. Forgiveness is difficult for me, I always hold grudges, especially against those who don't apologize to me, but forgiveness seems like a better choice...I don't want to continue living with a heavy and sad heart anymore!

Miguel M. from Arizona MAY 9, 2008
Great story it was good...

Grace E. APRIL 24, 2008
The hardest time to forgive someone is when he/she doesn't apologize. You want to let it go but it's like they still don't see the wrong in what they did.

Jr M from Hagerstown, Maryland, US MARCH 30, 2008
If we expect to be forgiven we should forgive others.

Miriam F. from Taiwan FEBRUARY 17, 2008
I think this story and the comments are uplifting, but I want to know if to forgive one needs to talk through what has upset them with the person involved or should they just forgive quietly and move on?

Lauren J. from Spokane, Washington USA JANUARY 22, 2008
That story was sooo inspirational, it makes me want to cry.

Frank N. from Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada NOVEMBER 26, 2007
Just like someone who doesn't love themselves cannot love someone else, someone who can't forgive themselves cannot comprehend how to forgive others. We need to be able to change before we can accept change.

Sarah L. from Philippines OCTOBER 29, 2007
It's normal to get upset but we should forgive and continue enjoying life.

Santosgie G.S. from Lagos, Nigeria OCTOBER 15, 2007
He that has never forgiven some has never tasted the most sublime part of life.

Jean from Cebu, Philippines OCTOBER 12, 2007
It is really hard to give forgive but it is the best thing to do to have peace of mind. Even if it is hard, we have to forgive.

Johnson K. from Moshi, Tanzania SEPTEMBER 22, 2007
This site is pretty helpful to me, seeing that forgiveness is vital to human being.

Ajay K. from India SEPTEMBER 17, 2007
To err is human, to forgive is humanity.

Luvena C. from St. Vincent SEPTEMBER 5, 2007
I like this story i am experiencing the same situation. It is hard for me but forgiveness is the key.

Toncia D. from Maringouin, Louisiana USA SEPTEMBER 5, 2007
Forgivenness is mandatory to move on to the next joyful session in your life. If you continue to show antagonism toward others your life won't be a friendly place.

Theresa S. from Nigeria SEPTEMBER 4, 2007
Thanks for your stories. This one especially has been a blessing indeed. I would love to send in reports of my life experiences too. Some of which I guess it will be of tremendous benefit to readers.

Paul M. from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada AUGUST 25, 2007
Forgiveness is one of the keys to a happy life. Only once have I been angry at someone for more than 5 minutes and never again for it was horrible.

Jiya A. from Japan AUGUST 22, 2007
Forgiveness looks divine; you can forgive people not directly related to you but it is more difficult to forgive your own people, your parents, your family and even yourself, because with your own people you need not only to forgive but forget because you can never leave them. But in the end this brings you peace, peace of mind and soul. We should learn to forgive and forget.

Ayanda K. from South Africa AUGUST 17, 2007
It seems so hard at times to forgive people who have wronged you time and again but Forgiveness sets you free. Thank you for the enlightenment.

Naomi W. from Kenya AUGUST 15, 2007
It is really hard to forgive but one thing we should realize is that days of bitterness are long gone and we have to learn to forgive for us to be free.

Joshi from New Delhi, India AUGUST 14, 2007
Great! A little boy responded about forgiveness, he said, "Forgiveness is a wonderful scent which a flower gives when it is crushed even mercilessly."

Emma J. from Philippines AUGUST 9, 2007
To forgive someone is a great thing to do. Forgiveness is the value that mends broken relationships and gives way to feelings of peace and joy.

Robert D. from Manila, Philippines AUGUST 8, 2007
Forgive now, before its too late. Life is too short.

Ramos Z. from Philippines AUGUST 6, 2007
It feels great when you forgive someone. In the end, forgiveness is always an option, if you forgive the wrong things that others have done, you will feel so happy.

Teghen, T, from Cameroon JULY 31, 2007
It is quite interesting and challenging to read stories such as this. Forgiveness is one of those things in human life that we need to see in action, and if there is no forgiveness human life could become unbearable.

William F from OK, USA JULY 23, 2007
Odd, but what mostly stimulates me to forgive is when people don't Forgive me. When that happens I examine myself to make sure that I'm forgiving.

Potso, M from Botswana JULY 13, 2007
Forgiveness is the road to peace.

Sr Hilda D S from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand India JULY 8, 2007
I am so glad that you inspire so many people through this website. I am going to forward this story to a student of mine who is undergoing stress in her relationship. I hope and pray that this story inspires them to come together.

D Coaski from Trinidad & Tobago JULY 5, 2007
It seems a bit superficial and antiquated but forgiveness isn't something that we can do that easily. We can tolerate...we can hide or mask or true feelings towards the person or the incident...and we may even avoid it all together. However the concept of true forgiveness is something that eludes us and is instead replaced by temporary pardon...

Teresa E. from New York, USA JULY 3, 2007
I am truly fulfilled when I read the story....yes!! I agree if we learned how to forgive in life..then all of us enhance a successful life, just express love to one another.

Anonymous JULY 3, 2007
Forgiveness is very tough todo. Somehow we just want to hold on to that hate like a float. But in realising that we need to move on, forgiveness is the key to free us from the pain and anger.

Rick S. from Bedford, USA JUNE 30, 2007
To truly forgive sets you free. On the other hand, if you do not forgive, you are allowing another to control you. Forgive and move on. As another mentioned, "life is too short!".

Neo. T from South Africa JUNE 28, 2007
Forgiveness is one of the most liberating forces. Choosing to forgive set you on a path of liberty that allows you to live your life as you were meant to. I have chosen to live a life of forgiveness and I am definitely a better instead of bitter. I recommend this route to anyone who is in a conflict situation : Don't bear grudges, just let it go.

Warihana B. from Tamale, Ghana JUNE 25, 2007
I'm deeply touched by this story, we really need to forgive one another to enhance peace and unity.

Amanda A. from Cleveland, Ohio USA JUNE 24, 2007
Thank you for this story..while it is a simple can seem so heartbreakingly impossible at times. I truly appreciate your wisdom though and look forward to working on this with my husband.

Mark C. from US JUNE 18, 2007
Being the survivor of a terrifying childhood my defenses are often up. I find I have to forgive daily, or I just fill up with anger and frustration. Life is far too short and precious to drag around the baggage of unhappiness. I choose peace. I choose to forgive.

Joy from Nigeria JUNE 12, 2007
It is good to forgive someone who wronged us because forgiveness gives one peace and lessens the burden in the heart.

Tayo I from Lagos, Nigeria JUNE 2, 2007
I believe in forgiveness but the fact that we need to forgive does not mean we have to keep on hurting one another willfully. Thanks.

Saheed A from Lagos, Nigeria MAY 28, 2007
Forgiviness is one of the keys to a peaceful state of mind.

Miana O from Lagos, Nigeria MAY 23, 2007
I'm glad to have come across this article, my husband and I need to work on forgiveness...

Charlie C. from Florida, USA MAY 22, 2007
Great story! How easily we forget that to forgive is for us and not the person that "wronged" us. It was a divine gift when I learned to forgive.....and how good it actually felt!

flora m from vietnam MAY 21, 2007
Yes to forgive is good but what of to forget. I always forgive but find it hard to forget before, but now i forgive and try to forget. It gives more relieve and joy to continue the relationship without grudge but with more love. So lets try to also forget when we forgive.

Jessica D. from China MAY 9, 2007
This story helps me a lot to learn to forgive because I have the same situation as this.

Paul O from Lagos , Nigeria APRIL 26, 2007
I agree with you. Let us all have a forgiving heart. This will definitely help us in our daily living.

Micko from Philippines APRIL 19, 2007
I like this story because I experience also this kind of situation..and when I forgive someone it feels that weighs and worries release me.

Malini. V from India MARCH 27, 2007
There is misunderstanding with my friend of 19 years. He has not spoken to me in the last 6 months. I have been sending a mail a day about some good thoughts. I have just mailed this to him and sitting tight hoping that he will break the ice.

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