Ryan Rezek is a leader for many different reasons. He is hardworking, kind, and very very outgoing and that’s why he is a great friend and father. He welcomes people to our own little up north community and makes sure everyone knows the new people. He also helps others when they need help with yard work or with other things like new roofs or shingles or even getting your boat out of the water. Another thing that makes him a leader is that he is trustworthy. You need help with something. He'll be there if he doesn’t have something else to do or if you're in the wrong he’ll tell you straight out that you are and to fix your attitude. That’s what makes Ryan Rezek a great leader.
Ryan is a very friendly, kind, and outgoing person. This is very important when new people move into our up north neighborhood. For instance, at night everyone that is up north gathers around on a campfire, and when a new person moves into one of the cabins Ryan is the one to introduce himself and invite them to meet everyone that is around the campfire. Not only does he invite them to the campfire but we all start to play campfire games to help get to know everyone and to also just have fun. He is not only friendly, outgoing, and kind, he is also trustworthy. If you need help he will try his best to be there for you, or if you need help in the week and he is busy he will make sure you find someone to help or you and him find a time that will work for both of you to get that done.
Apart from being friendly and Kind, he is also a very helpful person. He is helpful in many ways including helping with yard work, bringing people out to the sandbar, helping out around the neighborhood, making sure everyone’s cabins are safe and, Helping out around the neighborhood, making sure everyone’s cabins are safe and, helping out with planning events to bring the whole park together. So far he has replaced six out of the 18 roofs of the cabins and is planning on replacing more in the coming years. He has also helped put shingles on for cabins. This past year he has put together a Fourth of July event and an end-of-the-season event to bring the whole trailer park together and make sure the kids have fun. He is also already planning to put together an event where the whole trailer park comes up and we all rake leaves and take them away in the fall so no one has to rake leaves because someone didn’t go up and rake their leaves.
Kindness, helpfulness, friendliness, and trustworthiness are four big reasons why Ryan is a great friend and father. He is always there and always willing to help where and when he can.

This billboard was made by Lorelai Rezek

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